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Automatic Login/Remember Password

I'm sorry if this has already been suggested/discussed somewhere. I find it hard to believe It's never been brought up before. I did a google site search (since the forum doesn't seem to have a search function->there's another suggestion) and didn't see any relevant topics.

Suggestion: Some way to give users an automatic login or 'Remember Me' function.

I think it makes sense to provide this as an *option* to those of us who would like to take advantage of it. Especially with Kingdoms CCG now on (relatively) secure platforms like Steam and IOS/Android. I only have one Kingdoms account (that I use) and would like that account to login automatically when I launch Kingdoms from Steam. Other games with their own login systems have ways to link Steam accounts with game accounts to provide automatic login.

I can't tell you how many times I've logged into Steam, done whatever, loaded up KingdomsCCG and gotten stuck on the login screen because I didn't have my password with me. Likewise with the android app. I think I've logged in via android once just to test it out in the beginning. Since then it's just been too much of a pain trying to login. I see the app icon all the time and think, 'oooo I'll play a game or two.' before I remember that I don't have my password or that it takes so long to type in the password.

Yes, we could use simple(r) passwords, but that defeats the purpose right?, and/or password managers, but I feel that Kingdoms CCG could provide that for us.


On the official site (dotcom) the username can be saved for you. But not the password, but I can see where your coming at, a nice touch but not something needed as soon as possible.

I totally agree with the search engine on the forums, that could make things a LOT easier, like when trying to recover old ANTIC notes and old players suggestions etc (some really good ones out there).

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There should be an auto login for android/ios, agreed.