Account swapped to mobile friendly website

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Account swapped to mobile friendly website

I've been playing this game before the Eve cards were out and I want to play with my account on my tablet but I am an able to because I play the game on the website armour games. Ive been told they can swap my account last year they will do it in January but now no one is responding. Does anyone one else need their account on the accual kingdoms ccg website in other to use their account on mobile or tablet?


i don't think ganz was able to come to an agreement with kongregate, armor games, and some of the other third party sites. those sites don't want to just give up potential income, which is fair. it would be cool if ganz could quietly give players a 1-time code so that they could create a new account or something, then use that code to get back their cards/stats, etc.
(but dont hold your breath)