Vul Graphs Staff Of Repression OPINIONS

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Vul Graphs Staff Of Repression OPINIONS

just going to say this; I agree on all the other card decisions, such as Realm crusher being out as well as beckoning (only surprise I got was maelstrom phoenix not being in - I just saw this birdy representing the elemental kingdom)

However, I was slightly confused to first see Vul Graphs Staff of Redemption in the legendary list. And even with "On Enter" I think the card is still too inconsistent to properly play.

My thoughts on the card:
- Take the milling factor out. It was kind of unique at the time, but now this little bit makes the card seem like its meant for mill decks. Milling your opponents decks these days with enemies like ichor isn't always a good thing anyway.

-Put the charges from 2 to 3.
Skull crusher was over-powered with the ability to take out 3 charges every turn on attack with guarantee. but it also did 3 damage at least and had 5 health to take out, which is not easy at all.

However, currently removing 2 charges is something the opponent will automatically re-gain next turn, as if it doesn't harm them. Even a siphon or ancient's charm can re-gain that.
The gear is a legendary, which means unless you use duplicate (which is out of new core I suspect), then this card isn't going to multiply out of control.

Finally; Make the discarding factor discard 2 random cards instead of 1. This forces your opponent to deal with the card fast, as they can see its very clearly punishing them, destroying their hero slowly. Currently, discarding is pretty strong with the fate decks, and can be trouble some. But again;
-Legendary, so you can only have 1 copy
-Limited will soon no long allow limited cards to take place. Nomad fate decks will not get any stronger
-Standard new core will not have duplicate, meaning doubling gears (unless you are dravkous especially) then this won't become a problem; just an annoyance.

-Increase the discarding factor from 1 to 2
-Increase the loss of charges from 2 to 3
-Take out the milling Factor. Simply making it mill 4 cards may be too strong, especially with the other
effects. Milling has always been a mystical trait; why waste it on a potentially loved legendary by many?

More Info;
These buff ideas, only make the card stronger. but the game is facing so many changes now that these changes won't be "over-powered" but will instead be an annoyance, and a card to tackle before it slowly destroys you. Almost like Caindra, Exiled War Strategist.

I too admittedly have a soft spot for this card; I opened it after winning a tournament (tribes pack) on my birthday :P. Soppy but true. But this was made not for favouritism (if anything I like the Precious Ring card more), but to see the other peoples opinions about this card, as I think everybody else can understand the other changes and why they were made.

Its clear that the update is not out yet because final decisions are still being made (hence why we will get at least 1 more card reveal before the actual update) - meaning this post does have a very good purpose. So; What's your opinion about The Staff?


Only two posts so far and nobody has mentioned Rejuve


Here you go kitty - Removing Rejuve from the standard is one of the best decisions in the history of kingdoms, only thing I disagree with is leaving it as final campaign prize. You shouldn't be giving new players a card they can't play.


Always thought rejuve was one of the best cards out there. See it played so much


It is definitely the best card in the game, removing it was good because it means that not every alchemy deck has to dedicate 4 slots to it



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Vul Grath's Staff, even with the buff, is complete garbage - it is threatening only in numbers and duplicate is going away.

As printed, mana cost ZERO and it would still probably not be worth a deck spot.

Get rid of the mill option and have it read:
On your turn, enemy hero loses one charge. If the turn number is even, they discard a card. If the turn number is odd, all enemy mana costs are increased by one.

At that, mana cost 3. It is a legendary!!

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huh that's actually pretty cool, except the 3 mana cost, cause i already dislike ravi.


I don't think ravi works with this does it? I thought you couldn't play a second copy if one was already in play, I know it works that way with the creatures at least.


correct, if you get a copy of staff back in hand after having duplicated it, you can't play it .. so, if one exists in play of a given legendary, it cannot be played again, with exception of Beckoning since it replaces the existing one


I always thought, that at 4 mana if the card was to be legndary; it should pose a threat and be needed to be taken out or it'll cos heavy damage (Like elara, T'rre endor of days and Candria)

I don't think I'd like the gear at 3 mana, just to have its effects do more damage. As we found out, from old olfaan people don't like chance factors. This is completely why I want it to either discard 2 cards or lose 3 charges (both every turn is a bit too much). Don't remove it, its gonna start biting.


I agree with the suggested change. Or maybe another idea would be for the gear to do 2 of the three options each turn, I'd prefer that.


It definitely needs a buff in some way. It's not as usable or as useful as most epic gear.

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Vulgrath's Staff of Opinions

On enter/on your turn: Opponent gets the chat filter message. If this card is in play, neither player can use chat.


Vulgrath's Orb Of Clarity

On Enter: Tells you how long you relly need to stay tuned for the next update.


Go complain to apple :P