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Suggestions x 1000


1st place: chooses 3 packs from any card set
2nd place: chooses 2 packs
3rd place: chooses one pack

no more quarrels like "I have EVE already, I need Rise, I need Descent, I need reborn etc." just let players choose their pack :)

ARENA: the "Fight Ai button" for those who want it, make fighting PvP standard option =- give blacklist of 3 players that you don't want to fight to avoid them (if they keep annoying you with decks you don't like)
Show the Arena results somewhere after afena reste + show top 3 decks after each season.

SINGLES: make a REMIND button: for example, If I urgently need to buy... Toxic Immobilizer, let it appear in messages or somewhere where I know that I am looking for the cards, so I don't need to check every 60 mins if my desired card is here. ---> Or make an AUTOBUY option - if Toxic Immo appeears in singles, autobuy it.

GUILD: make guild PVP only for those players of guild that are online. they can fight only one PvP match per War.

TRAINING GROUNDS (formerly known as Campaign): Please continue after the last Gate...?

CARD/ HERO DESIGN: - Issues with UNALIGNED cards ->
IMPORTANT missing cards: Rune for UNALIGNED (there are 6 rare runes for each kingdom that help the kigdoms, please create one for UNALIGNED)
Change Warmonger Minotaur to: ALL UNALIGNED cards get +1HP +1ATK.
4th Unaligned hero is missing.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: not only Mods are needed, also so called "Buddies" : A buddy that helps new players to build decks, one that explains tourneys, one for guilds.... find volunteers for the buddy system.

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING - ADVERTISE and encourage players to help with ADVERTIZING the game on their FB accoounts, twitter, email whatever to get the COMUUNITY growing.


I have already made a FQA forum page (I have it favourite - easy to hand out) for new players.

I think advertisement such as "share this on your facebook page for 30 gems" or "1 V.I.P point if you have liked and shared all KCG posts on facebook" etc etc

I see no issues with war monger

I think a 4th unaligned hero (and a new set) should come AFTER tournaments are at the correct state they need to be in, aswell as campaign complete - an ugly unfinished map is very unappealing to new players and causes more questions than solutions (also with its "storyline")

Some sort of auto buy system (where you ste how many copies you want, to stop it buying 6 copies etc) would be a fantastic idea.

I think the guild idea ain't so good. It makes it only;
1) Unfair for new players (like low level guilds) to have a battle vrs a veterain. It makes more sense to battle the ai (to some extent)
2) Time. It would be way to unpredictable to only battle when both set of players are online.
3) Coding. I think its out of GANZ's power to create something new, if they haven't found antics old codes yet (e.g more deck slots, more hero icons and changing Guild names)

I think GANZ's (and Watchers) idea on the auto fire tourneys is a fantastic idea. I am pretty happy with the current prize packs.


all kingdoms have a lord creature that grants them +1 +1, but unaligned doeesn't... unaligned is like the unwanted child of Euna....


i agree with cewen


No black list. It could effectively lead to players getting locked out of being able to do PvP at all.

If everyone puts you in their top 3... that's no more games for you.