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Undead thoughts

Vile rat
1 mana creature
On enter: Opposing creature becomes poisoned X where X is the number of other vermin in play.

Parasite nuisance
1 mana creature
On your turn: An enemy creature losses either 1 attack, or 1 hp, or 1 ability for each vermin in play.

Starved vampire
3 mana creature
On enter: Destroy a 'human' creature; then this creature gains +0/2 and flying. Whenever this creature is attacked: First steal 1hp from it's opposing creature.

Undead hoard
4 mana creature
On death: Put a 2/2 Hoard zombie token with reassemble 2 into play in this slot.
Countdown 2: Put a 2/2 Hoard zombie token with reassemble 2 into a random open ally slot, then reset this counter.

Strike with Blood
0 mana Spell
Deal damage to creature in target slot equal to their HP, then your hero losses HP equal to the amount of damage done.
(This spell has such a potentially high cost in HP that it's designed to be able to kill almost any creature.)
(Imagine some nice art here, with a character having blood spew from his chest as if impaled, and that blood being shot toward an enemy (Or a generic direction).)

1 mana runeword
4 turns
On each turn: Each dark alliance creature gains allegiant. If that creature is undead it gains 1hp also. If that creature is a vampire, it also heals 1hp.

Count Spire (Name comes from Skull spire in the campaign. Wish there were more landmarks to reference.)
4 mana
2/3 Flying
On enter: Each creature in play losses 1hp; then this creature gains 1hp for each hp lost. Whenever this creature deals damage to your opposing hero, this creature heals 1 and losses a negative status effect.




Well said.