Yet another plea for lore

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Yet another plea for lore

Hello again, It's come to my attention, that despite ascend, descend and gods reborn have had a pretext of war becoming more aggressive, no proper lore has been on that subject, Furthermore, Campaign remains stale as the main villain named "Nemesis" has stopped at the willow tree, hitting a branch and breaking the flow of time to a complete halt.
I know it would be taking from your team to ask you to create lore, so why don't you give that task to a person or a few? Like you have moderators having keep chat steady, why not have lore Moderators? Players who have devoted themselves (like other moderators) to creating Lore.
I, for one, would not mind creating lore, however, a free contest on who creates the best lore is, rather frankly, idiotic.
Any person who'll create lore, will need to know of the cards to be made, heroes to be released, and map to be made, adding to this is that the bigger the team, the harder it is to decide on choices with no clear result.
Again, I ask, just give some people the insight, right and duty to create lore, for without it, this game will go from what many see a rotten zombie, who died but was brought to life by Ganz, wither away and only a skeleton remain.

TL:DR Let some people have exclusive rights to create lore, Moderators in ranking.