Make Essence buyable for gold + reasoning

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Make Essence buyable for gold + reasoning

The Cheapest Rares in Core are 25k Gold - If I urgently need essence, I can buy a Rare for 25k and scrap it for essence. Why not cut out this process by allowing players to buy any amount of essence with gold?


It's cheaper to just buy a pack of core for 5k and scrap the contents including 1 rare


still supports my theses that essence should be obtainable for gold XD


I do?


Damn, you buy rares for 25k just to turn them into essence?!?!?!? Seriously?!!

That's some really, really, really, really, really, really bad turnover right there................

TBH, I think the whole crafting system in KCG should just itself be scrapped and they should try to work towards something more like Hearthstones. The crafting system in KCG is some of the worst I've ever seen IMO. It's sucks that no matter how many essence you spend, nothing is ever a sure bet. You're always just "maaaybe" getting the card that you want. With a high chance of getting something you don't need at all that you'd just technically scap back into essence anyway and dig yourself even deeper into the hole.

The turnover from cards, to essence back to other cards is TERRIBLE. I always considered the whole crafting/scrapping system to be strictly for suckers, people bad at math and gambling addicts.

You know, you could buy essence for gold in campaign technically. It's also an absolutely terrible idea and a complete waste of money, but if you're just straight addicted to crafting, it's one way to help waste money faster.


Crafting is not supposed to be a way to instantly and quickly get the certain cards you need.


i agree with cewen