Precognitive Thoughts

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Precognitive Thoughts

Unaligned Legendry Gear - 0 mana. Text: Cannot be removed under any circumstances when equipped. When equipped, you may view your opponents hand.

The effect of this might be very OP despite no battlefield advantage whatsoever. Ahead of time, a player would know if their opponent is able to counter anything you might play. Playing a 3 mana creature? Does the opponent have fae's charm or precision kill. Playing Elara? Does the opponent have hose down or golemnify? Playing Endless Evil? Does the opponent have echo bolt or horde of wyrms? You get the picture...


Ahhh! I totally thought of that! But not as a gear though. Not very possible with the current interface.


I like it, but for it to not be removeable I'd think it'd need to be at least 2 mana, maybe up to 4 mana.