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Nyarla, Nethergod
Legendary Undead Creature-God
8 Mana
On enter: Banish all creatures from all decks, hands, and discard piles.

Wisp, Guardian of the Willow
Legendary Mystical Creature-Spirit
3 Mana
Immune to everything(including buffs).

Maelstro, Master of the Storm
Legendary Elemental Creature-Elf
6 Mana
3/3 Haste
On enter/on your turn/on attack/on death: Deal 1 damage to a random enemy.

Titus, Bane of the Gods
Legendary Ancient Creature-Titan
6 Mana
3/3 Splash, Intimidate, Overrun
On enter: All heroes lose all charges, this creature gains +X/+X, where X is the number of charges lost this way.

More later!


These are a bit OP, and I should know; I tried making legend posts back in the day :p

3-3 corpsecraft legendary 8 mana creature
Send all creatures in each players decks and hand to the discard pile. If less than 20 cards are sent to the discard pile by this effect; this card gains 2-2.

I think karl saw your other idea for this card, the draw 5 times to win; which I personally agree on myself, so i'll skip this one and imagine it is the Aura, Ghost of the First Fae

Malesto, Mad Elf of Havoc
My adjustments I would make:
Creature, legendary 8 mana. Elf sub type
if turn number is 9 or more; deal 2 damage to all other creatures. On attack; summon a creature from your deck in an ally slot. It gains 1 attack and haste.

Bane; The Elderly God (sounds a bit cooler in my opinion :p)
8 mana 3/3 intimidate, Overrun, Splash
Titan sub type
On enter; enemy hero lose's 4 charges and this card gains attack and health equal the amount of charges lost this way.

NEW (obviously pretty shabby)
Modikeye; The gear Creator
2 mana legend gnome/construct
2-2 unblock able

On your turn; put a gear (mana cost 5 or less) from your deck into play. For each gear you control; gain 1 charge and lose 1 mana.


thanks a lot!


Nethergod's ability is still a bit much. It pretty much kills all decks that aren't slightly gear or mill based, or the burn decks. I'd be okay with it if it just banished all creatures worth 4 mana or more, and leave him as a solid 5/5. Or maybe 3 or more and 4/4?