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pack wars

I would love a pack wars format. Even if it was just a fun way to skirmish. You get 5 random packs (making a 40 card deck) and a random hero (that you have unlocked/is free rotating) and you play with that. maybe gives you 1 minute before match to view your deck. could be 1 match, could be best 2 of 3.

another option could be ante-pack. same idea, but at the end of your match, the winner gains 1 card from the losers deck. (no card limits) if it had its own season, you could have to play with a crazy 100 card deck if you play well enough.


Pack wars are much better when you don't know what you have. That's the whole fun of them.

And I am 100% against the ante concept in a game that is largely determined by a computer saying what random card you draw.


both points are fair. i've done both in MTG and they are some of the most fun. takes the deckbuilding piece out of it. Ante league in magic is great, the idea that your deck grows (or shrinks) by 1 after every match makes it a lot of fun. In magic, it can suck, because once you start anteing land, you know the deck is eventually going to be unplayable and you have to retire it. in Kingdoms, with consistent mana, it would work much better. i dont know if it is something karl would ever consider. but even as a skirmish format, just to kill some time for fun without rewards, its a really fun way to play.

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I love this idea. Part of the reason I love singleton is that deck-building strategy is basically void. You put a bunch of random stuff together and duke it out - every match is different.

Edit: My favorite play style basically ever is Jeffo Singleton - every card in your singleton deck has to be Rare or higher. It's harder than it sounds, and can get pretty wild with all the complex effects and abilities.


sounds like fun i would love to see either of them, though seeing the deck in pack wars does det the fun out of it so maybe change that :/


yea it is fun but what about team battles placid ors cewen