Tourney Goofiness

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Tourney Goofiness

In R2 of a freebie today, a game with Matteo froze. While we were in the middle of a match, the chat showed that R3 was starting. I was frozen and stuck on a screen with Matteo until the next round started, when I was placed directly into a match in the finals. I won the first game, and instead of exiting to the main screen to SB, I saw this screen.

Those were not the cards in my hand at the end of the first match, they are the cards in my hand from R2 when it froze.

So the same thing happens again, I win game 2, and the game takes me to the same screen, same hand, and from there I had to reset.

I got to play both matches in R3. After resetting, I was awarded tix. Its as if that screen, with those 4 cards, replaced the main tourney page as my default landing out of battle. Hope this helps.

- KK