Legendary Fairy Spirit

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Legendary Fairy Spirit

Name: Aura´s Ghost
Mana: 1
Picture of Ghost Fairy meditating on leaf
Sub: Fairy, Spirit
With: dust, flying

on death draw a card


manacycle and on death put back in your deck

greetings all


what's legendary about this card? could be common


There are more options to combine:

It also should have resist, because of fireball.

It can have both, on death draw a card and also put it back in deck.

It will be strong in combo deck, because of Aligment, and One mana Fairy is missing.


Better option would be making it uncommon, for combo decks. Something like;

1-1, dust 1 mana
Fairy Wizard Uncommon

On death; gain 1 mana. If your hero is mystical; Put this card back into your hand instead of the discard pile.

Remember the uncommon card; Owl Guide. His effect is on death draw a card, uncommon and is at 2 mana.

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1 Mana Legendaries are really hard to do. It can't dominate the game because its so easy to play, but needs to do something that really breaks the rules in a unique way. Look at Kral. It's the first 2 mana Legendary creature and it's effect FEELS Legendary. Yet it's highly situational - when it's good it's great, but when it has no targets, it's a Black Bear with a pretty border.

Something like this:

Aura, Ghost of the First Fae
Mystical Legendary Creature - Fairy,Spirit
1 Mana
Flying, Dust
On Death: Draw a card.
If this would go into a discard pile from anywhere, put it into your deck instead. Whenever you draw this card, if it is the 5th time you've drawn it this game, you win the game.


Now that does sound legendary :O

I was expecting you to say something like:
If this card would go to the discard pile from anywhere, put it into your deck instead. Whenever you draw this card again, it gains 3-3.

But we are missing a legendary mystical card after all (apart from wisdom demi god) so I wouldn't mind seeing this card in a future set . . .


Does that mean it' really getting released?! I can feel the hype!!

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Actually I was just winging a design based on the OP's idea, but to be honest I like the card a lot. I've added it to my backlog of card ideas so it has a good chance of one day appearing. I really do like having Legends all across the mana spectrum (hence Kral and Wereth).

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It would give draw decks a purpose again.


too bad it's mystical : ( can't be played with burning desire. Also wouldn't it be a bit weird to trigger a win the game off of a draw? Given that you could discard it and your opponent wouldn't see it before it was shuffled back in; you could basically win without ever showing your opponent why they lost...

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All the best draw cards are Mystical. I wonder how it would work with Mind Over Body. Just need 4 Fairy Matron, self mill/draw (frantic search/round harvest/spell link/burst of wisdom/refresh/mind over body, or any combination thereof) and Study Creature. I'd pick Olfaan because his first ability could kill the fairy, and he can use alchemy charm - just pop in a few Rejuve. Might work well with Helm as well.

Now that I think about it, I very much would not like this card.


I very much doubt you can draw a creature (the same exact 1) 5 times in a row, 10 games in a row. Very very unlickly.

As for the winning conditions as vasseer was mentioning, could just say
"You lost due to the effects of Aura, Ghost of the First Fae"
Like landslide, or Exodia in yugioh.


Just remember that it doesn't trigger on the fifth time it goes to the graveyard, you have to draw it 5 times. Helm is just unbeatable with it though, basically a free unkillable mind preserver. Literally does nothing with mind over body.


Im sure helm will get its own nerf tbh :P.


nvm, it's not actually that good with helm, since if it's the last card in your deck and you draw it you can't kill it or you just lose


DP srry


Awesome, I can't wait for the day it makes an appearance :D


what about:
If this card would go into a discard pile from game, put it into your deck instead.
so it can be milled.


It would also be basically unplayable