New Arenas and rules

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New Arenas and rules

Hi GANZ, and Kingdoms players...

Thought I might just ask a little question here, that might have already been posted and answered, but I feel it is important so in case it hasn't I want it adressed.

Today we have lots of old inactive players who has left the game, and their decks are still in the Arenas. Some of them are so old that they are breaking the rules, yet they remain in the Arena, churning away with banned cards in Limited/Beginners. Quite annoying...

So, will the Arenas be "wiped" and everyone need to put their decks in there - according to rules that be - or will this continue? In that case, I would happily write down every deck I encounter with old banned cards in them so that they can be exorcised with a vengeance at your earliest convenience...

BR, Sarastro


To be honest, this should have been done a while ago.


agreed, maybe it's hard to identify these decks though, which is why I offer to help out with that... on the other hand I'm pretty sure all my arena decks were removed a long time ago during the antic days, so it should be possible


stay tuned, it will be done soon I think