New Ability: Lives

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New Ability: Lives

Basically its 'On death: Resurrect this creature'. It is a stackable ability, and gets -1 when resurrected. So here we go!

Tybalt, Prince of Cats
Legendary Elemental Creature
9 Mana
3/1 Haste, Lives 9

Blessing of Life
Rare Holy Spell
3 Mana
Target creature gets +1 Life


If this were to be an ability, I would round its revived stats down by 2.

e.g: 4-4 +1 live dies

Turns into a revived 2-2. (if cannot be rounded down, then it auto dies)


that works.

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Sure yatheilo, this would fit in just fine.

They would re-enter with summoning sickness still on, obviously. (You could debate if that should apply or not if they die during an enemy turn too, there are pros and cons for each choice. I think most CCGs make it so that you can act immediately if you were killed during an enemy round.)

Occassionally it could even be beter to die (eg. if you have Weak/Timid/etc. effects on) than to live.

Really love the Cat Prince idea, very fitting.

Blessing of Life may be a bit cheap for THIS game (even if it is on-death) based on my memories of other similar past cards. Add an extra mana or two and it's good.
Card is Undead or Holy, naturally.

Also, consider these ideas:
- On death this creature is revived with 1 health.
-> culls the ability quite a bit but makes it easier to balance too
- 1/1 with infinite Lives


1/1 infinite lives is basically Eternal Protector

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Yep, exactly. Unaffected by life loss (poison/life reduction like Inner Fire/direct life point loss from Undead/etc), though.

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I like the lives thing. It's like Gob Hog or Mek Unit, but with an actual limit. You could have:

Angry Zombie - Undead
Rare - 3 mana
3 Lives


Boomerang Machine - Alchemy
Uncommon - 6 mana
2 Lives, Recycle 1


You would need some sort of "line" I think, or to keep the lives ability to a limit. Because something as simple as;

1-1 uncommon
Ally creature gains 2 lives on enter

That's giving an ally goog, or skybreaker giant 2 extra lives, meaning you got to kill it twice more.

So the ability could work, but would need to be dealt in a very careful way and/or have a very strict limit (e.g, 3 lives max, only 5 mana + creatures can have lives or something)