Get rid of Chat Filter Nonsense

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Get rid of Chat Filter Nonsense

I know that chat filters are here to prevent swearing, but what happens in KCCG chat is just a joke - you can't even talk about card names. Here are some examples of words you can't use in chat:

Blessed Peacock - oh no, it has cock in it so it gets filtered
homogenous deck - I can't say "homo" it gets filtered

you are allowed to say "gay" but chat filter prevents "lesbian"


please do something about this nonsense, these words are not even swearwords!


sums up the whole farce kingdoms is these days. Why was it introduced?

i go to the pub and these *naughty* words are used all the time, without filter. I can only assume Kingdoms is aimed for children.


yes, pleaseget rid of the chat filter. its more annoying then helpfull. mods doing a good job muting ppl, no need for a filter

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At a minimum, chat filter needs to be out of guild chat.

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I've got to say, since the filter, swearing in chat is significantly less. And to Petrus' point, if a mod warns you for using a swear word there's a big hooblah about it, but if chat just takes care of it then there's no problem.

I'd support removing it from guild chat though. And if there's any way to make words like peacock not filter, that'd be cool.


Yea, peacock is definitely a card name that's annoying me with the filter.

Its very obvious why the chat filter was put into place - because of nousername. Since he's gone now, and chat is only available to players with 10 wins +, I think it may be reasonable to loose in the rules.


At very least get rid of that stupid BIG RED WARNING TEXT that pops up in every tab whenever you trigger the filter.

I mean, you wanna keep naughty words off the chat, its a game for all ages. That's fair enough. I could do without it, but I understand where they're coming from.

The warning text though is just silly and over the top.


Alternately, you could just call it a peaFOWL. :-)


Working as intended, let it stay. If you don't like it you can go sit on a peacock.


i agree with hope