Card ideas/art that probably won't get released

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Card ideas/art that probably won't get released

Last of Euna (Child of Euna grown up!)
Unaligned Legendary Creature
5 Mana
3/3 Haste, Armor, Unblockable, Intimidate, Regen
On your turn: If this creature is a corpse, remove an ability from it and resurrect it.

Elara with her helmet off

Epic Elara vs T'rror fight scene

Injustice, Demigod
Holy (or should it be Undead?) Legendary Creature
4 Mana
When activated: Injustice has +6 damage. Damage dealt to Injustice or your hero is also dealt to enemy creatures. Other ally creatures have Pierce.

Epic Pegasus vs Untamed Beast (its a chimera, duh) fight scene, just like in the legends

Arynn with his helmet off

Fireseeker hitting a wall

Epic R'grom vs New God fight scene



Feel free to post your own (idiotic) ideas.