New Cards from a Mastermind - these Cards fill up some loopholes too

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New Cards from a Mastermind - these Cards fill up some loopholes too

Unaligned Charm
Unaligned Spell
2 mana
Text: Put a "Symbol of Lethargy" in your opponent's hand. This Symbol cannot be banished. (Can be discarded)


Goblin Disassembly
3 Mana
Uncommon Spell
Text: Destroy all Relics.


Dragon Wall
Ancient Epic Spell
7 Mana
Text: Summon a Dragon Statue (2/5 Barrier Token) in each empty ally slot.


Time Bender
Mystical Rare Creature 2 Mana
1 Atk 2 HP
Resist 2

On Enter: Opposing creature loses haste, gets slow and this creature gets +2Atk and Haste.

Flash Strike
Rare Elemental Spell 4 Mana
Card Text: Deal 4 Elemental damage to a creature.


Angel's Strike
Holy Spell Uncommon
3 Mana
Text: Deal 2 Piercing damage to a target creature. If you control an "Angel", deal 3 damage instead.

Execrate the Arms
Undead Spell
2 mana
Text: For each Ally Undead creature, destroy an random opponent's gear.

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I dont like Dragon Wall because i dont like stall decks.


I don't like destructive comments. Just tell me how you would change the wording of the card :) maybe put Dragon Barriers in ALL slots? (both opponents and own)


Unaligned Charm: annoying but not really that useful, if you compare it with other charms. I'd rather enemy discards 1.

Goblin Disassembly: y u do dis? Plus how do you disassemble magnum opuses? They're statues.(Unless you use one of those Ancient hammers)

Dragon Wall: no comment.

Time Bender: Not sure if thats how you bend time (which is more like take another turn). Name should be changed to Speed Thief or something like that. Would make an awesome card if the card art is good.

Flash Strike: BOOM!

Angel's Strike: FOR JUSTICE(not the demigod)!

Execrate the Arms: Dunno how skeletons and zombies are gonna destroy gear, but it does fill the Undead gearkill gap.


However much I enjoy reading your card designs, I will say this.

Undead does not need to destroy gears, 2nd Kingdom will do that for them.

Holy does not need direct damage. Elemental can do that for them.

We are loosing the unique elements of each kingdom.


I really liked your answer, and I think you might be right. Well-thought through arguments! I might take that into consideration when I design cards - to keep the unique style of the Kingdoms.

edit: it's "losing" not loosing :) forgive me for correcting you.