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Forge of the Maker

The new Meta Pack Forge of the Maker is untargetable. This decision is balanced because it prevents the enemy from using a targeted removal on it (or worse, acquire), while also preventing the person who played it from duplicating it. However, the impression I got from the blog post was that Duplicate is getting removed in the new update. This makes this feature only a disadvantage to the enemy hero, as dravkas is pretty much the only common dupe at this point. I don't think that removing the untargetable feature would hurt the card too much, since targeted gear removal cards are few and often unusable for their mana cost (a mana cost which is now one greater).


The gear Untargetible is also a bonus, to prevent gear removal :).
Still should be something taken into consideration.


As I understand it, you could still use duplicate in legacy format. I might be wrong, well, I hope not. Being an old player, I don't have any qualms about duplicate or gears - maybe for new players.

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Yes, Duplicate will still be available in Legacy.