If you could add 1 card of each rarity, what would they be? And why?

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If you could add 1 card of each rarity, what would they be? And why?


Forest sword:
5 mana mystical gear:
On your turn: enemy hero takes 1 physical damage and mills one.

Reasoning: This is what the most fun commons look like: Usually weird and useless, but effective in some decks/situations.


4 mana holy creature
1/2. When a gear of subtype "shield" enters play, this creature gets +1/+1.

Reasoning: Can be used in epic combos, but holy, which provides deck restrictions in 2k.


Master of Sabotage:
4 mana unaligned creature
3/3. On attack: if opposing slot contains a Construct, that card is removed from the game.

Reasoning: This is a counter to some of the crazy stupid alchemy combos, but is balanced in that it has 3 health making it easy removal, and can be avoided by moving your 16/12 construct away.


2 mana mystical rune.
7 turns. On your turn: Steal a card from your opponents hand. Seal an enemy creature without an opposite slot. Steal an enemy gear. Shuffle a card from you opponent's discard pile into your deck.

Reasoning: that ought to shake up the battlefield.


Infusion altar:
6 mana mystical creature:
2/5. When a creature under your control would enter play, instead it is destroyed. If this happens, infusion altar gains +1 attack and life equal to the sacrificed creature's mana cost. This creature cannot attack.

Reasoning: MWAHAHAHA