Garbage monster

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Garbage monster

Gear, common, zero mana.

On Enter: Banish all cards in discard piles.

Any time a card would go into a discard pile, banish it instead.

I wouldn't object if every game started with a few of these in play and a 40 turn rune word that said the same thing.

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Did you go over to the derp side? Or did nosher hijack your account?...wth is this crap post


i guess this is just expression of the hate of helm. its broken as apeshit, thats for sure. can't say i wouldn't wish for a runeword that makes cards bannished instead of put into the graveyard. but sadly the only card that does something like that is fury stoker


whades sense of humour is worse than his beta testing...

bet he's a right laugh down the pub.

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Ooh, somebody's mad that they got burned in their own thread. :p


no player as bad as you could burn me in the forums.

Its like an amateur basketball player telling michael jordan how to do slam dunks.


I would actually like to see a "banished" zone, so that you can see your banished cards (might use dirty fuel when that happens).

But you know how RISE introduced milling, and Tribes kinda took the milling idea further? I could see something happeneing with banish.

Vanquisher - Unaligned
2 mana epic spell
On enter; each player banish's 5 cards cards. When if there are 20 cards, summon a "Vanquisher" token (stats - 3-3)

rare creature unaligned
3 mana
On enter; banish all cards in discard piles. For every 3 cards banished, this card gains 1-1 and an ability.