Bring Back "Doctor Bojangles" Challenges?

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Bring Back "Doctor Bojangles" Challenges?

We've not had one for ages (last one was months back, when LA just came out) is it about time for another one?

THIS kind (example) -
That's right - the "Win in 1 turn" and whoever gets answer first (chance) wins :)

Not the "say what you like, chance to win a prize".

Im sure plenty of people wouldn't mind having a nice challenge or too thrown out at us, just to take the time off the wait for the next content, and lets be honest - we all miss em deep down :P

Purpose of this post; Is this (Doctor B's challenge) worth bringing back up again?

I got plenty of ideas, both with old and new cards (with some tricky ideas!) and im sure lots of other people do. So why not? At least surly bring back the concept in future nodes; you know?

A fixed hand, win in 1 turn. Simple.


cursed warrior opposite top creature-hexlifter cleric-brawl on cursed warrior= win.

Wheres my prize?


or Hex + fevor attack the opponents cursed golem :P

But its an example. And with new cards like as beach ball, helm of everwill etc etc lots of funny unique challenges could be made.

Personally, if I was able to design 1, I got a good idea with landslide and helm . . .


I joined only half a year ago so I have no idea what this is. But it seems like something worth playing.

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Actually... PLAYING it would be very interesting. It could be a clickable arena battle - 1x per day. You get a gem for solving the puzzle. That would be amazing.


+1. Instead of one of gem quests.


It would be awesome to have these back, but wouldn't we need the Dr.?


No need, we got me :P. I got plenty of ideas for t, just gimme a pen and some paper :P


Ah, but are you willing to provide prizes?