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As any KCCG player will know, Rune Words (other than the occasional Beckoning/Immortal) suck. I can see that the devs are making an effort in making them strong (Master of Words, Rune-Scarred Rogue) but it doesn't seem to be very effective. What we really need now are a couple of dominant Epics and Rares, here are some of my thoughts:

Runestone Golem
3 Mana
Whenever you play a Rune Word, gain an ability/positive status effect.

1 Mana
Infinite turns
This Rune Word cannot be replaced.

What do you think?


I like your idea of adding something epic/ rare to promote runes, though doubt new cards will be released anytime soon given latest release.

Runestone Golem could at least be, on enter/ on your turn if there is a rune in play gain...

You should probably clarify Eternity. At first i thought it gave u infinite turns, when i think u mean it lasts that long, so its an epic version of Clear. Fwiw i think that would be powerful, but uninteresting and not something that would promote runes generally.


Golem is designed for Rune combo decks because of the low cost of most Rune Words, same way as Puzzle Mage works in Mill decks. Therefore it can potentially work much faster than on enter/on your turn.

Eternity works as a permanent Clear, preventing your opponent from playing Rune Words and works well with 'If a Rune Word is in play effects'. Might become a strong card if Runes became dominant like Gears.


I think having a runeword that can't be removed is simply broken and would shut down rune play entirely. Runes aren't meant to be played like creatures, spells, or gear. In other words they aren't there simply to help your deck win. They are designed to change the rules of the game which MAY give your deck an advantage depending on what you're playing. They can also give your opponent an advantage as well if played poorly. They are kind of next level, and I like them for that.