4th Unaligned hero - Clanculus

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4th Unaligned hero - Clanculus

Every kingdom has 4, Unaligned has 3.

My suggestion:

Clanculus - Rogue Lord
15 HP 2 Mana

1st Skill: - Focus - 3 charges - Put a rune from your graveyard to your hand.

2nd Skill: - Quick Theft - 4 charges - Draw a Card from your opponent's Deck. The next card you play costs 2 less mana.

3rd Skill: - Summon Kodiak - 5 Charges: Summon a 2/2 Kodiak Bear Beast Token in an free slot with the text "On Death: opponent discards his hand."

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What I like:

1) Stealing a card from the opponent's deck. I love this idea.
2) Putting a Beast token into play. This could give Beast decks the push they need.

What I'm not crazy about:

1) Another Rune based first skill. I guess this is better in many ways to Nomad as you'll be able to permanently have the rune in play, but it does make the two heroes feel a little too close in design.
2) Noran's old text on Quick Theft. What I'd do, if I could figure a way to code it, is make the card you drew permanently 2 mana less - to a minimum of 0, not 1. The way's its written now, you'd just draw the card, pitch it for mana and then drop the EBA in your hand.
3) Torn on the whole "Enemy Hero discard their hand" idea. I think that people are beginning to see the power of discard now. Discard 2 would probably be fine, considering its random. Definitely makes Sacrifice for Power some crazy card advantage.


how about an anti Nomad hero called Damon. His first ability could be: "put a random rune word in play" his second could be: "Give an opponent a random card from your hand, they take damage = to that card's cost" and his ult could be: "give an opponent target gear or creature with cost 4 or less"

You could use him with a bunch of trash cards that have obvious drawbacks and constantly give them to your opponent to cause a bunch of chaos


Not another rouge/thief Unaligned hero please. We already have two of them, three if you count Amoyra who is kind of borderline. A Beastlord type unaligned would be more than welcome. A wizard that combines elemental, mystical, and undead in their abilities (or any combination really) to truly push forward the unaligned aspect would also be good. You could also do a blind trainer hero type with base buffing abilities (similar to Belnir but more useful) Or, if you really wanted to get crazy, you could make a Realm Sworn Rabbit hero. So many possibilities for unaligned heroes why would someone settle on ANOTHER thief wearing a cape.


I just thought that the unaligned heores were supposed to have this Theme :) Rohgues / Thieves / Nomads / Stealthy characters


Good point. Someone has to lead all those bunnies.


I noticed there are no unaligned heroes supportine creatures at all (amorya 2nd is a joke..). What about made an hero that can use partially skills from any kingdoms tipe, as mightyFox says? :) here is my little idea: 16 health 2 mana. 1) 4 charges - target ally creature gains 2 abilities between volatile, reassemblee and burn (notice all thr ailities are similar, combat related) 2) 5 charges - add the top creature card in your graceyard to your hand. gain 1 mana (very versatile ability,undead friendly) 3) 6 charges - ally creatures gains+1. attack abnd lose a negative status effect, oppo nents creatures becomes weak.


Sorry I had to add another comment. The hero may be a little underpowered, but is just an idea and can be buffed ofk. He/she have no gear removals but it can be added ofk, as some sinergies with runes and gears, this is why i left the 2nd ability so weak compared to similar abilities of other heroes. I like your idea law look balanced but i think a "chaos" hero is really needed to add some fun to the game (that thania and brother are sooo boring :p)


i think there should be a hero named destroyer