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for the season


tomkat once got 393, i don't know of anyone else who has beaten this tally.


If the AI didn't cheat (yes, the game, not ANY players), I think more people could get close to that. But nope, let's have the game pull the most impossible scenarios out of their ass more times than I can count.


what is the point of winning if everyone is a winner?

if the ai was more stupid than it is now... what is the fun?

maybe at the end of each fight against the ai. it can surrender so you can get max wins all the time..

congrats vermin,

impressive score!


The biggest problems with the computer cheating isn't so much that it cheats, but that's its REALLY obvious about it. When the computer plays random things, such as Amoyra's 3 cost, or the infamous GooG swap, they aren't random, and are often far more powerful then they would be in another players hands. Yes, the computer does stupid things as well, but you can't use beneficial bad behavior to counter absolutely broken bad behavior. They are both bad. To top it off, the computers cheat algorithm (Cheat Mode... ACTIVATE!! (sorry I couldn't resist)) is so basic its easily taken advantage of, which has resulted in cards being nerfed that really shouldn't be. I understand that Karl and the other developers have better things to do for the game than rework the AI, but its current iteration does cause a lot of frustration among new players. Nobody likes being cheated, even if its just so the computer can offer a higher degree of challenge (which it could probably do without cheating if it had better code... just saying).


Tomkat goes and gets 392 this season


Too good for me


I dont appear in your images. I am very noob :(


We carry you cos we feel sorry for you, noob ;)