change norans 2nd ability

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change norans 2nd ability

blink is a terrible ability, i'm surprised this hasn't been addressed. It costs 5 charges, but what does it actually do that's worth 5 charges?

Not only this, it doesn't fit in with the hero, since they altered his first to become spell based. You can't blink a spell. I believe noran needs a different ability that boosts his spells somehow. And no, blinking a polymorthed creature is not worth 5 charges.

This is why noran sees no real play nowadays cos blink is garbage.


I would like norans 1st ability to be changed back to drawing the next card and the next card you play costs 2 mana less.

Mainly having the ability based on spells means the player has to change their deck to "which spells are the best in the game?" and "because his 1st ability auto-draws me a spell, I should use many creatures and gears"
Hence why he is not played very much. The idea of it being changed it that its spell based, he's magical. But so is being able to draw more cards and being able to play it for less mana :P.

Was good in the old days, not sure if it needs anything buffed. It even got its own card; Aithers Walk.
But to give it a buff; I would do this:
Blink: remove target card and then re-play it. Your hero gains 2 mana.


Just change it back to any card.


His 2nd ability is kinda weird. I feel like his 2nd and Thiana's should switch, since thiana's theme is temporal distortions anyway. >.< Heh.


Totaly agree Noran was a pretty fun hero with his old skills but now a days totaly stopped playing him because I cant make any sense of his ability composition.


i think we shoudl change to drav with noran