a card that wipes the board for 3 mana.

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a card that wipes the board for 3 mana.

Flashback; 6 mana for an extra go. So for the sake of argument lets say an extra go is worth 6 mana

Tempor reversal does the same thing, but for an extra 3 mana it wipes out every single creature and gear in the game. No other card comes close to that.

conclusion; a perfect board wipe card that nothing is immune to is worth 3 mana. So why don't we just release a 3 mana spell that does exactly that eh?????

Only on kingdoms.


this is maybe the stupidest post ive read so far.

lets assign arbitrary numbers to and "extra go" then use math that doesn't add up to make a point.

you must be a real pleasure to be around on a daily basis.


flashback; extra turn for 6 mana.

tempor reversal; extra for 6 mana, plus a perfect board wipe for an additional 3 mana. 6 + 3 = 9. that maths adds up perfectly.

I think calling a post stupid without even being able to offer any counteraguments is even more stupid :D If you believe 6 + 3 does not infact equal 9 by all means explain why.

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you missed that part that you have to be a mystical hero to get an extra turn when you use tempor reversal.


true, but thanias not bothered. they could ban other heros from using it outright, thania is still not bothered.

A card only needs to be OP with one hero to cause problems.


actually that makes it just worse wiki. because that means one kingdom that is already over the top gets something it mostly lacks, namely removal. all neatly packed up with another turn to fuck everyone else up for good.

fun fact as a sidenote: most problems come with either thania, or timewalk, or mystical as a whole... i still vote to kick the kingdom an all heroes out for good. would improve the game by miles. way less stall, way less silliness.

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Complaints about cards you lost to belong in a different subforum methinks.

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Karl, make a vent forum!


Yes, because all this game needs is more removal.

Board strategy to win games? - Removal!
Gear synergies to win games? - Removal!
Slow build creature stacks to win games? - Removal!
Tribes Synergies to win games? - Removal!
Life gain to win games? - Removal!
Mill items to w- Removal!
Undea- Removal!
... Removal? - Removal!!

Only Spells and haste creatures will be playable (almost how it is now). Only in Kingdoms.


Well... On enter effects of gears and creatures work at least.


Thania is not dominating the arena any more.
She had dominated for a long time. But people have adapted by now. Maybe one day she will return. I will be waiting for her.


thania timewalk is still pretty much unbeatable for the average deck. extreme aggro/burn like mindshockers early on can do the trick... like half of the time, when tempor is not drawn. everything else is just timewalked into next week where its dead.


sad thing is its true. and the underlying problem is: extra turns should NOT be possible in a game that does not give your opponent the ability to act in your turn. Yu-gi-oh and similar games do not have this problem because the opponent can intervent whenever he has a card and wants to play it... within limits