best and worst cards, of each mana cost.

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best and worst cards, of each mana cost.

heres the best and worst imo (legendary cards are excluded. Common cards excluded from the *worst* section)

0 mana best; rejuve potion, worst; mana flask.
1 mana best; blessed chalice, worst; landslide.
2 mana best; erratic werewolf, worst; armanent blast.
3 mana best; fae paragon, worst; gallant of the sky.
4 mana best; mek unit, worst; jar of sand.
5 mana best; fury stoker, worst; stormborn combatent.
6 mana best; endless evil, worst; personal avatar.
7+ mana best; realm crusher, worst; ancient dragon.

With the number of useless cards in the game its tricky to pick a worst card, so some honorable mentions;

1 mana; celestrial champion, eye for an eye, fairy pouch.
2 mana; backfire.
3 mana; magnum opus of storm, power and darkness.
4 mana; great fire elemental, war drums
5 mana; stormborn lasher, dwarven berserker.

Am i right?


no. Flashback for 6 mana best and relentless charge for best 3 mana :D.
The topic is very debatable; would open it up to 3 best of each and 3 worst

Worst 6 mana card: opus of thought
worst 2 mana card: precious suicide ring.


imo phoenix is the best at 4 mana

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I'd agree with the most with a few exceptions

0. Mana flask may or may not be the worst, but it's still not bad all things considered.
2. Backfire was actually decent against deploy cannon decks. Won me a few games.

3. The best 3 mana I would say is impossible to identify since there are plenty of cards on par or in some situations better than paragon. Paragon is really an ass with RTG, else he is ok. I agree that that Gallant is hard next to impossible to keep alive, but there are plenty of other bad 3 mana cards (look tribes holy, conscript, cleric's robe) like salvager, a lot of spells, and some other gears.

4. Jar is pretty bad, but opus of though is worse IMO.
5. Hunters axe, devote abbetor, wandering giant are all worse than stormborn, although in epic category she is probably the worst. Lasher isn't that bad with 2/4 stats and a decent text ability.

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Mana flask is ok


Mana Moth is worst card for 0 mana.



Tower0Bauer wrote:Mana Moth is worst card for 0 mana.

mana moth cost 1 mana. and it's the best common for 1 mana.

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If you don't know how to use War Drums, you're a loser to me.
Mana Flask was only listed because there aren't enough 0 mana cards right, so this list seems a little unfair.


worst 0 mana is gift of the mystics
best 1 mana is silence
best 5 mana is skullcrusher


gift of mystics is right... forgot about that one.


I disagree. Gift of mystics is an (was) essentuial combo deck card (e.g QDC, shadowsil)