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Treat training grounds as training grounds for developers too. Don't be fearful of experimenting in newly developed areas/ redesigning old areas.

Create nodes with 2, 4 or 5 slots. Slots that only flying creatures/ non-flying creatures can occupy/ attack from.

Add night and day variants to nodes/ some nodes. Seasonal graphic changes.

Secret/ Hidden nodes/ areas.

Resurrecting Enemy Heroes. Ridiculously difficult bosses/ challenges.

Do some radically different sht.

P.S. Disregard everything in this suggestion because it includes a word you don't want to see on kingdoms forum-because if a suggestion includes such a word (e.g. stripper) or 'bad' idea that obviously means that there cannot be any good ideas in it and the entire post is worthless and should be either deleted or ignored-as usual.

End rant. Keep up the good work. Penis. \o/


I would like the night and day feature. Not sure if it could work, but if there's a time in game, not to mention guild time, arena season time etc etc would seem possible from a normal point of view.

My biggest problem, is that the enemy hero's are WAY to hard. A player shouldn't need to resort to a mill deck half way through the game just to complete it. Even now, without using sprits within and pacifys, todays cards would still have a troubling time against Nemesis
(and that's just in the Tree! 1/3(4?) of the Training Grounds!!)

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I think players should have to resort to differet approaches to finish the campaing, even mills. That being said, the campaign is still grindy and we could use some features to spic it up. I think the perma rune (like 1 dmg every tun that already exist) is enough combined with deck restrictions (like for example only 5 creatures allowed) to make the campaign interesting.


Add a fricken sandworm/s to some areas that randomly rise up and swallow one or more units/ gear from either side and then a turn or two later regurgitate them spraying creatures/ heroes with poisonous saliva, blood, semen & damage.

or make a fricken Giant Zombie Manticore that seizes units from the sky and spits em out.

Can make some of them more likely to/only appear when certain creature abilities or corpses or something are in play, though what this is is left for players to work out.

Add Nemesis laughing in the background when this happens.

In other words, pick the fricken campaign game up with players still in it, mess it up entirely and spit it back out leaving players wondering wtf just happened.

no explanation coming. they dared to play the fricken campaign. leave them to work this sht out or cry trying.

you say this is unfair? don't play this game again then n00b, u dont have the fricken spine. maybe go make your own bracelets and decorate your clubhouse in Nakamas.

Maybe that's more to your liking n00b. Whatever, stfu and leave now weak, little crying n00b girl ='(