PA still making the cheat accusations

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PA still making the cheat accusations

Like I said, do me the favor. Gotta love Stark calling out PA for not being in a tourney, then being said that we pussied out of a tourney, then yes, I said something stupid. DD can talk all the crap they want, but don't know how to do anything more than post to the boards the moment a word is said against them.

Pretty sad actually.

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4) Do not publically accuse another player of cheating. Players reputations take a long time to build and can be destroyed quickly. If you suspect a player is cheating, send an email to with all the information you have pertaining to the suspected behaviour and action, if warranted, will be taken.

Which part of that is hard for you to understand, Tower?


Simply put, it was a dumb word choice. I was pissed at the comment that was made and typed before I thought about it. I'm not fighting it. Do me the favor of the chat ban.