baha and groven; examples of incompetent balancing.

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baha and groven; examples of incompetent balancing.

Neither of these heros have ever been dominant in arenas. A few people used them well, these people were pretty rare.

However for some reason, someone decided they needed nerfing. They nerfed them by preventing empower working with haste, which was the primary strategy with these heros.

It is debatable whether stopping the empower/haste interaction was a good move. However if you're going to do it, surely groven and baha should be buffed to compensate.

Nah, not on kingdoms. Groven got a new 4 charge ability, a ability that is a carbon copy of brawl (one mana spell that no-one uses.) This certainly didn't buff groven. Baha wasn't changed at all.

End result; two average heros that a few people use well, get practically driven out the meta, for no obvious reason. Well done devs, great balancing job as always :D

Only on kingdoms.


Baha has been dominant in limited several times in the past as well as ridiculously OP early in the game


The last 3 seasons I got top 10 with baha in ltd arena and was going for first at some point. And I think baha was at a good place then and could easily compete with pre nerf bothar who was the king of ltd arena. But now with the deploy cannon meta baha just can't compete with it.




Groven is very strong with final fight.
A 2/2 haste creature with 2 final fights is 8/8. 2nd ability kills the blocker. And then you attack twice doing 16 dmg. This can easily be increased even further.


Not really. Boring? Quite.

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Grooven has been OTK as far as I remember. Really unhealthy design, but I doubt things will change for the better.


Or you can just attack into an empty slot. If there's none there's a chance crush mortal can do that. Much simpler than trying to justify a bad ability by highlighting one pretty unlikely scenario.

I really cant see why grovens middle helps the hero, or would help any hero.

Sometimes a turd is a turd no matter how much you try and polish it.


I am the biggest Bahamut fan around here and I can tell you this my friend
You Are God Damn Right!


Second biggest fan we'll say :)


yeah i love baha