joseph still accuses guild of cheating

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joseph still accuses guild of cheating

He's still at it. Suddenly started on me right after losing a arena game. I wasn't even having a conversation with him until he did.

I don't think this sort of harassment and abuse is appropriate, and action should be taken against joseph. Not just for attacking me but accusing an entire guild of cheating, when it's been shown they broke no rules. Not like the first time he's done it, he started the whole fantasy about cheating guilds in the first place.

I happen to like my guild.


Our guild never disrespected anyone.We never attacked anyone.We never invent lies. We have never been against the rules.
I think is more than time for these people to be punished for making false allegations, and publicly disrespect us all the time.

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Again I wouldn't want to be here ... but some situations have forced me to come back this unpleasant discussion ...

Please PA members (not all) what you guys want from us? Accounts sharing no longer exists in our guild (check last login Wanton), We los our king TomKat, Aethon left us...What more do you guys want? Tell me.

Even with all these losses we are still beating u guys and I think this is the reason for again are accusing us of CHEATERS. Please do not use that word. You guys are accusing us without proof ... are disrespecting our players ... I doubt if PA were winning they were complaining about this ... We lost to Alpha 2 turns back and it's ok.

PA some infos to u guys - We have 13 active players, one inactive and one semi-active.

I ask the Devs and moderators to take action about accusations of some PA members. Apologizes to players who don't need to read this nonsense ...

I look forward positioning of the Devs.



Well, thats the first time i read this: "Accounts sharing no longer exists in our guild ". Good.

I dont even need to quote numbers of replys in the old discussion of your guildies saying that account sharing was fine and blah blah blah, so im honestly surprised.

Thats all we wanted in the first place, so yes, you wont see me accusing anyone anymore.

I also wont apologize, and will accept my punishment because i knew the rules and i said because i said, had my reasons, screenshots and all crap i had to read when i asked it to stop politely in the first place, so i wont play the sorrow cool dude to avoid bannig.

EDIT: In fact, most of my frustration comes to lack of action in the devs part, not only in this matter but in serious reports that a friend made regarding to arena cheating from a user.

Buttkisses to all.


Powers grain you rights.
As you don't have power and have no solution to take down the technical problems of sharing accounts, I don't get the point of your accusation and crying words.
It's like you see a corrupted world and you do want to change it but you are not capable at all and you complain all your life.
And yes, we've still crushed you these two seasons after stopping sharing acc. It seems like the results are the same and I still don't care how we proceed it.


joe u should apologize! we never shared accounts! theres 14players right now; active and in a good mood to do all their battles :)! tom played for wanton, ok- he left, wanton did not 1fight since then, already a couple of seasons, we still winning because of our awesome guild, with 1inactive. there is no cheating in our guild, so man up and just apologize, there wont come any punishment or whatever, and pls just leave these matters in peace, cause there is no good in this to find
ps: we should discuss more the problems of op defense/Ai decks and help devs
...and that u believed callmegod- writting that we are 5inactive players in DD-, was your own personal decision, and no one, not even devs can help u with what u want to believe


Again, really?

Was mentioned somewhere else, any thread about cheating will be deleted. I'll forward this to Grrwaaa after typing this.

As for you nosher, me and archa (and a few other mods and players) have asked you not to report these kind of things on forums. Serves no purpose.

If you have a problem, report it a mod, or email the devs via forums (but do not make a post, it just gets messy).

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I'm banning Joe for 24. Please don't accuse players of cheating. NOT ACCEPTABLE.

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