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hero buffs

we all know what the weakest heros are right now, heres how they should be buffed imo. This seems far less controversial than asking for anything to be nerfed.

1st ability; target creature and your hero lose 1 health. target creature loses 2 health if light alliance.
2nd ability; destroys corpse and creates a 2/2 zombie with reassemble

3rd ability; put a random *dragon* card of cost 5 or more in your hand. The next time you play a *dragon* card, it costs 3 less mana and all ally dragons do 2 fire damage to their opposing creature, or enemy hero if no opposing creature. (might encourage people to use dragons with alisten.)

2nd ability; destroy target card of 5 mana or less and each card of the same name (yeh its like echo blast, would work rather well vs certain gear decks)
3rd ability; target creature gains 3 att, 2 health, flying and intimidate.

1st ability; target ally creature gains 1 health and loses a negative effect. If opposing creature is dark alliance it loses 1 health.
1st ability; target creature gains splash 2 or destroy enemy gear mana cost 3 or less. Bothar gains 1 mana.

1st ability; draw a spell card of at least 2 mana. The next spell card you play costs 2 less mana.

p.s. I know bothar and bahamut are decent in limited right now, but i think ancient heros should have a chance in standard aswell.



amarus changes sound decent/reasonable

alisten just got her package buffed (your dragon thing sounds more like a nerf, honestly)

that second ability of Bahamut would be insanely good (maybe OP, but i can't call it) and i would start playing him if that were the change made (goodbye cannons)

i cant say much about either belnir or noran because i dont play either/ holy sucks/ i dont have the essential mystical cards to make any myst hero work


Alisten got buffed twice and its still not that good. Needs another buff of some sort.

from my experience of baha it has one good ability (the first.) The 2nd isn't useful enough for 6 charges, and the 3rd is a bit meh now empower no longer works with it.

belnirs problem is not having a removal ability; that doesn't connect well with his middle.

I never use noran but it seems silly that his first can draw a rejuve :D

And uunys is fine cewen, as long as grizzle beast exists for her 3rd :D


alisten being a starter hero, i think her kit is fine as is. Sometimes you get some pretty great stuff from her ult. I pulled a QoD yesterday on it. (granted sometimes you get a common 2/5 dragon statue that doesnt attack)

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Why does started hero have to mean less powerful? I don't like that design choice. All heroes should have a chance to be competitive, at worst in some metas, at best in all seasons.


i think its a reasonable expectation that starter heroes will more often than not be somewhat less powerful than a hero someone pays for; although i don't think that has to be the case. I think his suggestion would be more of a nerf than a buff, somewhat pigeon-holing Alisten into being a tribal dragon hero.


Wheres Unnys? :P


Noran does NOT need to be buffed and made to be out of control again.


Noran really should've never been nerfed, QDC was the only reason he saw play, even reverting him back he'd still be mediocre