*v0.9.2.4* Dev Notes

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*v0.9.2.4* Dev Notes

v0.9.2.4 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 3pm on 2/8/13


Amorya Challenge:
- A.I. now starts with two less mana

Crutomist Challenge
- Bonus condition changed - "Win in 4 6 turns or less"

Boss Battles
The Impasse
- Removed one of the Relentless Bones that the A.I. starts with.


- added subtypes to Gear (Armor, Weapon, Relic)


- Misc battle crashes fixed
- Sylph Assassin now has subtype Elf Rogue
- Gnome Map Maker now has subtype Gnome Artificer
- Wyrm Egg now has subtype Wyrm Egg
- Abomination now has subtype Zombie Construct
- Mindpierce Ranger now has subtype Human Archer
- Morphing Remains now has subtype Zombie Construct
- Hero Ability tooltips and slide out got a UI rework