How To Win Tournaments

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How To Win Tournaments

Amorya deck is enough.

Put in Santy Claws - he wins tournaments.

my deck:

opponent 1:

he had not enough legendaries.

opponent 2:

2 more Mindshockers and deck would be ok.

tourney results:


Youtube video or it didn't happen!



archa1983 wrote:Youtube video or it didn't happen!

I doubt someone whom is posting actual screen shots, sure that may not correlate to what he claims they match, however I doubt he's lying about it. No YouTube video is required at all by this person, the fact you're asking him to add a YT Video perfectly knowing that there's a more than likely chance he would have HAD HE RECORDED IT FOR A VIDEO in the very first place.

But I could be wrong about the 95%+ odds he didn't record squat, thinking that screenshots would be perfectly sufficient, except to time wasting trolls such as yourself ;^)))