Tone and maintaining a fun playing environment.

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Tone and maintaining a fun playing environment.

It has been several years since I wrote the online chat guidelines. I spoke about many of the planks with Antic, although they gave me wide creative license there.

I felt at the time that the single most important guideline I had was this:
"4) Do not publicly accuse another player of cheating. Players reputations take a long time to build and can be destroyed quickly. If you suspect a player is cheating, send an email to with all the information you have pertaining to the suspected behaviour and action, if warranted, will be taken."

(the email address has since been updated)

I still think this is the most important online chat guideline and it should equally apply to forum posts.

Cheat is a heavily loaded word. In competitive games, if one is labeled a cheat, it pretty much will ruin you for life there whether or not it is actually true.

I was really sad when I saw a thread calling out players as cheats. I really wanted to change the title of the thread and lock it right then and there, but I saw Karl was already posting in the thread, and so deferred, as it has always been my personal policy to not lock or alter threads while a developer is actively involved in the thread.

I did ask, very nicely, that the players involved change their tone and stop using the "C" word.

PLEASE, moving forward, refrain from public accusations of cheating. You can describe what a player had done, but don't call them cheats. Feel free to e-mail support with evidence. Accuse them of cheating to Karl or support if you must. There is no need to do it publicly.

In the future, I will immediately delete any thread that names another player or guild as "cheats"

Thank you.