Guild Wars (Mal's opinion)

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Guild Wars (Mal's opinion)

yeah I locked the other thread (cheaters amongst us) because it was getting out of hand.
I'd like to express my opinion on the matter though and I hope we can remain civil here.

TomKat and I have always been civil to one another and I don't want to see him go. I enjoy fighting with DD and don't want to see top-tier guild wars die. I'm willing to take his word that he'll replace inactive asap.

That said, fighting another players wars occasionally isn't against the spirit of guild wars imo. We work as a team in order to win, all good. I barely find the time to do my own gw's so I don't see myself ever doing it, but if Tom has the time once and a while, it's good with me. But if a player stops playing indefenetly I do think another player should be given a chance to take his place. And again I believe Tom if he says he will replace inactives.

As for the accusations of PA's cheating, I just want to signal that I was the one who got all the info needed for the devs to erase lothloriens account and that Tom helped me it this. We were both in agreement that he was in PA just so we could gather the intel needed to banish his cheating ass from the game for good. Thanks to HotDog, TomKat and the devs we were able to end that fiasco after a season of data collecting.

So to wrap it up, Tom, don't leave DD. I would hate to see that. Multi-accounting is ban worthy in arenas and tournies and so should be in GW's. I think you agree too, so let's end it there and move on with good competition bud. No name calling, no sanctions no anything beyond honestly trying to make guilds fun for all involved.


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well Toms gone now so case closed. grats to PA for ending their only competition with words instead of cards


Too late, Tom, Sha and maybe some others have already left the game entirely :/.
Never knew you were also a forums mod, if so I would have asked you (like did with wiki) to lock that thread before things got out of hand as it had to no use. Also too late :(

Also, care to apologise (on behave of your guild or for each member of it) abusing Tom, DD and resulting in a guilds death and also players banishment?
We all have, and if we all do, we may just get Tom back. Still, thanks for banning that thread.


Hi, that's the first time I'm posting in here, so please cut me some slack. With that said, I would at first like to say that i totally agree with Mal's opinion. Playing the wars for members who can't do them theirselves because they have no time to do them right now (eg for work or holidays or family) I think is and was accepteble. Also doing this while somebody for sure will not return to the game is not a appropriate solution and therefore this person should be replaced; we in Demonic Deities never did the last one as far as I know. So i think PA is ABSOLUTELY wrong in accusing us of cheating. We became one of the strongest (currently the strongest) guild because we worked really hard - each and every member we ever had - and did analysis our opponents. We won each gw we won fair and sqare; and the greatest king i ever played for, TomKat, for sure didn't and doesn't deserve the way some of you spoke about and insultes him. He's always been there for the guildmember helping them building and testing their deck; fighting in each and every gw every battle. He been putting so much heart into this game, this guild; it's really upsetting me to the core that you really dared to bully him the way you did. I'm honestly really disappointed in PA (the members who wrote that bad about Tom and us). I thought you really were strong guild that deserved to be one of the top3 ever since this game started. Hope you come to your senses and win against us by fighting in gws and not here be accusing us of cheating. So with that being said: Tom, please, you did nothing against any rules, you are my king, please come back to the game and to Demonic Deities. I think I speak for all our members when I say that we all want you to rejoin our guild as our rightful king. You are fantastic player. Aethon please join us as well again, I really like the guild and its ervery member as it was before the thread of Slavok disrupted our harmonie.
I hope I didn't offend any of you, except you did something awful, then I hope you regret it!
I try to have fun in this GAME as it was and is supposed to be!
Greetings ranguuun.


Only thing I want this Christmas is tom <3 .Only other thing I wanted was a chair. A CHAIR! and im 16! :O. whats wrong with me? :P
Still, loves ya demonic and tom, Aethon/pepure (or something, I still remembered it started with a P!) <3

ALSO; I will NOT be fighting demonic in wars. Not until they are together again <3


what you guys fail to understand is, we ourselves need a guild like DD to exist. search the forum and you will find my threads asking for changes that helps lower guilds. i just need that this competition be fair. i dont profit anything from tom being gone. but, if he and the devs sais its fine and all DD claims we are bad losers (PLZ QUOTE ME EVER BEING A SORE LOSER) and ppl giving stupid excuses for a behacior that even cewen agrees is dirty, than we will react. who wants dirty wars? so u dont need to leave tom, all we need is that karl isaues oficiL and clear rule bout what is not allowed in wars, and acc sharing must notbe allowed cuz its unfair zcompetirion. also, i dont mind losing to dd, happened in my first war and still happens.


btw im leaving pa too after goodbye to the ppl. not interested in competition until multi user policies are enforced. so no i wont get any benefit from tom leaving

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I respect you Mal,you are nice person,but i think that you are late.The harm is done.Maybe you should talk to your friends from guild because they started it.


You are right. Harm was done when DD decided that 3 or 5 people should do the work for 10 people who don't belong in an epic guild. I'm sorry, but I can't see how this type of action can be considered not cheating. It's the same as me putting on a mask, changing my uniform number, and doing multiple jobs in a football game. It's deceit, plain and simple. I have much respect for Mal, but I simply can not agree with his logic here.


before this incident our guild had in most wars 12 to 14 active players; do not exaggerate anything please


We are all alive, what you said is totally wrong. What's wrong with you ?


Gotcha? =) Cmon just read the screenshot in the other thread. If you are alive, why play someones account.


1) I am the one who shares the account to Tom because I'm not able to do wars in weekdays sometimes since this summer. Tom has still not used it a lot cuz I still fnished battles when i could.
2) I don't consider it as a cheating behavior due to all the card pools are earned by myself (if I have no cards, how can Tom win with it? ) and my skills are not worse than Tom I supposed. Moreover, it's not a multiple cheating account made for beating you guys. Furthermore, we still meet the very basic requirement not hacking and not creating many accounts by the same person.
3) I've been stayed in like 4 or 5 guilds since I played this game 3 and half years ago and I only lend Tom my account due to my specific inconvenient days.Who said it becomes a regular behavior ? I believe the rest of us who share the accounts are in the same situation.
4)BTW inactive players are all free to get replaced as soon as we find proper ones. (Oh I forgot that it's hard to find loyal players maybe cause the tops used to steal players from those who threaten them. Is that a moral issue too ? The behavior broke so many guilds in the past. Is that graceful ? Why didn't you talk about that in the past ? Maybe you were profitable.
Now we break through the dark time ruling by 3 guilds, Alpha, TAM and PA. We are firmly united and trust each other so we can SHARE which you dare not to do. We bring the hopes. It's just our time.)
5) I think some of you OWE Tom an apology since the laws doesn't say sharing accounts is WRONG !
Just a game, I don't care much about the morality if what we do is legal. Having fun. We shall shine again.


The accusation isn't that PA was cheating, it was that you were harboring a cheater. Now obviously you state a justifiable reason for needing to do so. Nonetheless that reason isn't in line with the idea of good sportsmanship. Whereas you needed to get "all the info" to do away with lothlorien, good sportsmanship (by my standards) would have you do away with him at the point at which it was clear he was hacking which happened way before all the info was gathered. And since the whole issue is over sportsmanship that's why i brought it up in the first place. (was supposed to me a response to Mal)


Multi-account abuse
"This is a reminder: Use of multiple accounts to gain advantage in the game, either by generating free wins in Arenas, or by exploiting the Guild system is not tolerated. Anyone caught doing either of these actions, or anything else on the same level may face permanent ban."

Nothing here says that multiple accounts should be tied to alternate accounts only of one person. Using 2 or more of accounts is not permitted.

Fine, Lets give some consideration. One guy is inactive. What if 5 of you is inactive. Is it fine to play 5 of them? Isit fine to share those amongst your members? THIS IS THE PERSPECTIVE WE WANT TO ADRESS, let's focus on this. Again, you are still going back to your "saving grace" reason that it is not in the rules that sharing many accounts is not allowed.

Again, read the rules. Dont just read, understand it's PURPOSE. Malhavok has clearly said it, " Multi-accounting is ban worthy in arenas and tournies and so should be in GW's." But if you choose to bend the rules and be blind, there's nothing to do about it anymore. One more thing, If DD is doing so great why your King allowed this multi account thing to happen.

As for my first other 2 reason in other thread, I can rebutt what Tomkat has replied to me. I have proofs. It happened long time ago but you have not heard it here until just now. Few people knows it. But there are too many dirty plays now, that your King just let it happened.


let's see your proofs


"4) We have never said anything against lending an account to a friend, and to the best of my knowledge, neither did Antic. The issue has always been the manipulation of results. Here the results are all fair, just not how they were imagined to be completed."
Ganz wrote this 2 days ago. Please, don't just read, but try to understand what the issue is.
If your version is newer than this one i am apologizing.
Mal is moderator, he does not decide what is wrong or right. The devs do


We are kind and honest to admit it or you have no ways to proof that. In this way, THAT'S SUPPOSED TO CALL DIRTY WORK!
If you can't have ways to solve the problem finding who is sharing the account, any other guild including you guys can abuse too. Then what's the point to make a useless rule ? Again, morality counts nothing in my opinion.
And don't be ridiculous, who got the time doing 5 times of the war against PA here.


yeah this thread is also falling apart. DD ppl prefer to defend their scheme and accuse back rather than just saying Ok we will play our own accs. you talk lile we are trying to punch u out but we only asked (politely at first) to stop sharing accs. its clear dirty play. yet u talk lile dd is gone cuz tom left and your scheme is spotted. who is really affraid?looks lile tom left cuz je was the only honnest plauer in rhis guild. it is really sad.


Joe it isn't at all clear, as there were plenty of people in the other thread who supported Tom. If it's so clear, why not do your patented statement by statement breakdown of my comments to show me that they're wrong.


Guys, the other thread was locked for this unnnessacerly bickering. If it keeps up, this post will also get locked.


I have three things to say.
1 - I've never played in 5 accounts. I do not have time to play in my acc, how could i play at all? Everyone knows, including the own Joe, I was not very active. I told to him while he was playing, trying make him lose concentration. And he knows it, I said a lot of other lies to him, like "Im playing with dravkas" "we use several different decks". LOL.
2 - Congratulations, you guys finally made me not like this game anymore. You guys attacked TomKat!!!!!!! WTF??? For me, and a lot of people, TomKat will always be the best player / person of the game.
3- Good luck playing without competition. I'm leaving too.


1) Nousername
1) TomKat
2) Me
Best players in my order :P. I been playin for a few years now, and I have seen other players progress such as dandelion, psychomantis1 and tomcat.


best player is something relative. i consider best player someone with dominance in all aspects of the game (arena, tourneys and gw). this way nouse is the best, but i cant think of a close second... maybe cashavenger and heavencraft


well that didn't go as I hoped, I'll lock this thread too...
Can the guys of DD contact me either through PM on the forums or in-game chat please?
Karl was clear in his response, it is unsportsmanlike. He was also clear that it cannot be tracked. Proof of Tom's good will is that he admitted to it. And I for one am sad to see him go, he's an awesome player and DD fought hard to get to the top (as did PA no matter what others may think).
I apologize on behalf of PA and my friends. I understand their arguments and agree. But having worked with Tom in the past I know his intention was not dirty play and if I would of had more time in the last few weeks I am sure we could of fixed this situation without it escalating into an all-out bitch-fest.
I believe it is not too late to fix this, so again. Anyone willing to talk this through in a polite and civilized manner (Tom especially) please contact me in PM on the forums or in game if you can catch me (I'll be on vacation starting Wednesday and should be online more often for a few weeks at least).
On that note I ask that no more threads be started about this, I'll handle it in private. We can come to terms without distracting the devs (and certainly discouraging them) further from their work of making KCCG the best game ever. We can do our part by making the community the best together.
Hails my friends, we are all friends here. Passionate and competitive as we are, never forget we have more in common than not.
Euna eternal!

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