Improving Kingdomsccg performance in Google Chrome.

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Improving Kingdomsccg performance in Google Chrome.

If you have Google Chrome you can get certain extensions for it (which i didn't know until earlier) that will improve proformance of Kingdomsccg. Now my hands are very cold and i haven't slept so excuse typos and me not noticing them.

There is two things to know about improving proformance and enjoying the game.

1. Shockwave Flash and Adobe Flash Player, Shockwave Flash is more of a download for your computer than your browser, but make sure you have it downloaded and up to date and ONLY 1 COPY OF IT.

Same for adobe flash, but here's what causes all hell to break loose: If you have more than 1 Adobe Flash Player enabled in chrome you're not going to have a good time (yes, southpark referance). This will make card art and heroes load very slow in battle, cause a crap-ton of magical energies to disperce. This is basically the Ebola of flash games, which is lame because it's very easy to download an extra Flash Player out of forgetfulness and confusion and i know i've done it a lot.

2. Yes there is extensions for Google Chrome, 100% free, these are basically little features, tools and add-ons for your browser. They have 2 great extensions that help Flash and Javascript work better:

There's FRQc - Flash Render Quality changer, does what it says, if you have an old computer or an old operating system or even a crappy internet connection, you probably are better off turning your flash players quality down, the lower the quality, the faster the flash is. Regardless, changing flash quality manually is a pain in the ass. Just search FRQc in google search and the extension will be the first result.

Then there is Web Booster, this extension stops ads and spying services, so if you're on some shadey website in another tab trying to find human organs for sale or whatever, it wont slow down Kingdomsccg.

I think that's it, BTW, this is how to get to YOUR extensions, type this in in your search bar: chrome://extensions. Then hit that enter button. At the bottom of your extensions page you'll see "Get more extensions". Click that and there you go. LOTSOFLOVEBADSHAPES.