German - In game text issues

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German - In game text issues

Post issues with German translation of in game text here.


In the welcome to the campaign text on the front page: I would change the statement " und erhalte geile Belohnungen" to " und erhalte coole Belohnungen" or "und erhalte tolle Belohnungen" since the word "geil" is more of a jargon and sometimes used in more obscene ways.

Edit: I hope my text is understandable since I´m still not that good in english :)


In english it translates to "you´ll see some horny stuff..." :)

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It has been fixed for the next update.


Some fixes that i think will improve the texts:
^ still has to be fixed

Crafting screen: Mögliche Kreationen erscheinen (dier -> hier)
Neustart -> Reset ("Neustart" seems out of place here for me)
Under the crafting circle, some text is offscreen
Craft -> Herstellen (you can use "Herstellen" or leave it as "Craft", dunno how MMORPGs normally handle that)
Explanation screen for crafting, some words are cut somewhere in the middle

Explanation text:
Wenn du Karten (fertigst - >herstellst) , bekommst du Erfahrung und erhöhst dein Handwerkslevel. Höhere Levels geben dir (bessere Chancen) auf coolere Karten

There is also an issue that enemies in the campaign ( only tried it in Holy Survival, so could be different elsewhere) stay with the German name after switching back to English

Main shop screen:

I think that this would make it less akward to read:
Spezielles Bündel Angebot -> Spezielle Vorteilspakete
Zur Schau gestellte Gegenstände -> Heutiges Angebot
Einzelne -> Einzelkauf
Alle Einzelnen -> Alle Einzelkäufe

Deck editor:
Sparen -> Speichern; Gegen -> Versus (since the word "Gegen" on its own doesn´t mean anything without context)


In the beginner Arena the text which hero to use: "Wähle deine Lieblingsheld..." i would change it to "Wähle deinen Lieblingsheld...".
Guild war: "Sieht aus wenn deine Gilde ein wenig Action braucht." change to "Sieht aus als ob deine Gilde ein wenig Action braucht."
Guild war: "...und zeig den anderen Gilden, was du wirklich gemacht bist." change to "...und zeig den anderen Gilden aus was du wirklich gemacht bist.
Guild Admin recruiting: "Es du wirst keine Anwärtsanfragen erhalten." you dont need the "Es" in that sentence.


German Corection sugestion

Here are some things i would like to correct in the german langues.

I list them in two groups like words wich should be changed and a list with things wich may be changed.


At the begining its not "Durchdringede das Wissen" its "Durchdringe das Wissen"

In the option menu change the "Sound" to "Töne" or "Ton"

I will update it every time i find something.


In the deckeditor change the translation of save. "Sparen" means to save money, so change it "speichern"


You know, the last mistranslation, the one leny1989 highlights, is weird. Did someone just take the very first option the dictionary-website offered? No native speaker would make that mistake... I might come off a bit more grumpy than I actually am. Bad translations just bother me