Feature - Some achievements not registering in Steam.

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Feature - Some achievements not registering in Steam.

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Two of my earned achievements (Dealt with Ancient’s Wrath - Unlock Gate 5, Freed the Willow’s Soul - Unlock Gate 6) are not showing up as earned in my steam achievement list. A few other players have reported this here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/330000/discussions/0/618456760264103103/ but the thread seems to have died several months ago.

I haven't found mention of it anywhere else and didn't know where else to ask for developer feedback.

Is this a known issue? Is a fix planned/under development? Is it isolated to just us? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.



Steam reports 0% of all players have those two achievements: http://steamcommunity.com/stats/330000/achievements/

Any official word on this?



Additionally, the recent changes to achievements don't seem to be reflected in the Steam achievements (for example the Eve, Rise, and Tribes Collector achievements are still active on Steam but not in kccg and the Ascendant, Descent, and Reborn achievements don't show up in Steam).


Tnx for reporting this.

This post will be looked at by the developers of this game. It may just take a while:)


Any progress here?

There's a thread on Steam about this as well.

Please don't let this go unfixed.


Gotta ask. 6 months later. Fixed?


better question is: does anyone from ganz even read this anymore? I havent seen Karl reply to anything in a very long time.