Italian - Card issues

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Italian - Card issues

Post issues with Italian translation of cards here.

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- Card "Santo Graal" (Holy Grail), in the text substitute "alleat" with "alleate"

- Card "siriti tessipensieri" (Thoughtwowen Spirits) should be "sPiriti tessipensieri" with the P

- in the same card, the text is partially untranslated, from "...ogni carta in tuo hand" become "...ogni carta nella tua mano"

- Cursed Tome and Blessed Tome both have the same translation. The corrispective of Blessed tome is not "Tomo Maledetto" (wich is the cursed) but "Tomo Benedetto".

- The card "Indistruttibile" (Indestructible) in the text have "oggetti" but should be "equipaggiamenti" (or "equip", shorter)