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tournament rewards

Are there plans on adding Reborn packs to tournament reward payouts? If so, when? Regardless of the answer I promise not to complain, but would appreciate knowing the plans. Hopefully Karl can answer this. Thanks in advance.


It doesn't seem like others are interested in the answer to the above question, nonetheless I'd really appreciate a clarification on the plans regarding this. Thanks in advance.


I would be very interested to know, I just didn't have anything useful to say


same :(
Though im sure GANZ said tournaments and campaign are next on there dish, so won't be too long now :). Stay tuned!


Considering that "somehow" the last arena season didn't give out the latest set and the set isn't rewarded through tournaments , I personally don't have any access to the latest set since I'm out of gems and don't spend money on the game. This state of affairs is acceptable. What's not acceptable is the apparent policy of keeping your player base in the dark regarding anticipated changes. It's a sign of disrespect and a failing business model. So once again; what, if any, are the planned changes for tournament rewards? If there are no planned changes I'd like that clearly stated.


Also, if I'm alone in wanting a clear answer on this, so be it. But if others want an answer, please leave a comment, or a +1 , the added traffic should help in garnering a response.



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This would be a good thing to clarify.



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There are actually several things I would like to have clarified

1) Are new packs from now on containing only 6 cards instead of 10?

2) Are former newest packs now 20 000 gold (like LA), and do they reduce by 5000 when a new set arrives?

3) Why is Descent and LA 20 gems when reborn is 20 gems? Will LA and Descent go down by 5 gems when new set arrives or is 20 gems a stable price for all sets from GANZ?

4) How is it determined when a set should become available in the market?

5) How is it determined when a set should become available in singles shop for gold?

6) How is it determined when cards from a set should give out stones for that set? Or is crafting a taboo subject.

7) Are all heroes from GANZ era meant to be more expensive? Ichor for example is (probably) still 90k even though he is not in the newest hero batch (also has no star icon)

8) When exactly is the newest pack given as a reward? It wasn't given in the season after the release so I assume first season is skipped, and it becomes an arena reward in the 2nd season (Reborn WAS meant for last season) after release. Is this the intent for all future releases?


I would say I am kinda worried about market (singles). With new cards, im not sure if core/eve/rise/tribes/LA/DiD is enough for only what? 10 cards?
Would take forever. So why not bump it up by 2?

Also, 20 gems for a single GANZ pack and 90k gold for a GANZ hero seems reasonable to me. Only have to buy it once after all, once its bought it yours to keep!


20k is way too high for the standard pack price, hopefully it will lower in the future (rise and eve packs should also go to 5k). I don't really care about hero prices, they only need to be bought once. The real question - why can't we buy EVE for gold in the market yet?? really no reason to have it still require gems. Also 6 card packs are really annoying, 6 is such an ugly/nonstandard number why not 8 at least? Also as cewen said singles section is too small but an easy fix would be making eve always available for gold.


Well, if we keep putting the price down by 5k every time, it'll eventually stop at a price that's too cheap. I would say it at least goes to 15k.

Gotta remember, these cards are GANZ cards; cards have much more power than before (just compare the GANZ legendary to ANTIC's Legendarys)

I dunno about the 6 card pack thing, I ain't got much on it :P


Packs should eventually go down to 5k and stop there, yes ganz cards are more powerful, but that makes them important for competitive play, making new players grind for 2 hours to get 1(6 card) pack isn't going to get new players running to play the game


If that's what the plan is , that would be totally fine with me. If he didn't want to say something because there is an upcoming release that addresses the question , a simple "this will be addressed in a upcoming release slated for whenever" would have been totally acceptable. If I knew I had almost no access to these cards I potentially would have considered spending money. Now that's not an option for me.


I would also like clarification regarding what happens when new packs are implemented or some indication that we will have clarification when a decision has been made.


This is somewhat off topic, but it may explain why Karl has not responded to this particular thread. He posted in another thread that they are currently working on getting the mobile versions up and running, planning on submitting to apple very soon. I think he is thinking about the future of the game moving forward. That may not be a suitable answer for you, but it is what it is. Hopefully he will have something to say soon.


I think it is a suitable answer and having development of the game on new platforms as a priority makes a lot of sense. What would be nice is a simple statement of "we are considering the policy regarding the availability of older sets and will let people know once a decision has been made."

I don't have to know the answer right now but would like to know that there will be a consistent policy regarding how cards will be made available in the future and that this policy will be transparent.

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Gods Reborn cards will appear in all promo packs (Tournaments, Campaign reward packs and Gem purchase Bonus packs) as of the next release.


Karl are there plans to have standardised times after release when card availability and prices change?
Basically for the questions Oncus asked will everything be the same for each release going forwards?

Are there plans to release the timing information to the player base when it has been decided or are you planning to keep this information internal due to there being a high likelihood of change?