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DISCUSSION: New Age Sealed

This forum is to discuss our new sealed format: The New Age. Get all of the details in our new blog post: http://blog.kingdomsccg.com/2015/11/get-ready-for-new-age.html

Post your comments, strategies and card evaluations here!


Awesome. Can't wait! Happy Thanksgiving.

- KK


Sorry to be so demanding, but when will the new set be included as the reward for tournament winnings?


Thanks for bringing out these blogs on the most random-ist of times Karl and GANZ, makes it so interesting and gives you the "what could possibly be on the blog now?" thought :D.

As for the new tournament "new age" I think well . . . 50 gems worth that each is going to have 9 or more players in them day 1!

Hope it comes out as paid soon, whenever this "next release" is.

But I would also like to reinforce this; Ban legendries from tournaments? Unless you draw elara's zealot's or barrage, its pretty much game-over :/. But as always, I suggest we watch how it plays out, THEN see if its alright to keep or out-right ban all legendries from all types of tournaments (except standard).


Please do not ban legendaries from tournament play. There is sufficient removal for them.

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Birth, t'rror, and elara will win automatically in sealed/draft. Banning legendaries from sealed and draft is a good idea.


birth of a new god will , but elara and t'rror will not ,as they do not have haste and have cards that can destroy them. Not sure how it's different for diryam, which didn't cause too many problems. I believe smother was the only card in that set that could remove it and no one really complained too much. Elara and t'rror can be removed with multiple cards.


Sounds cool, though I would rather have them in paid than free it's all good. +1 to banning legendaries, all the recent legendaries are super broken (looking at elara and trror) and would basically win the game when drawn.

On a side note, you asked what to cut from the deck, the cuts are clearly living bomb and honored soldier. Bomb sucks in general and warrior is setting up a 2-for-1 mindshear.

Edit: Also, why do all tournament related packs look the same with nude god on them?


Played in two of these so far. Pretty fun. Cards are diverse, removal is still in demand, and power creep is sort of limited. Sort of.