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Wiloryn Deck

I recently bought Wiloryn. I love playing with her and was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what cards might complement her abilities?

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I like command creature with her. A lot. The nice thing is say you are running both final verdict and oust - you'll probably only need one of those - but whichever one you use, you can use again. So my basic strategy with Wiloyrn is to run decks with 2-3 copies of cards rather than 10 fours. I'm much closer to 2x 20 on her to feed her adaptability.


needless to say on enter creatures/gear works well, though not as well as with Noran. now, steal creatures are something else, since whenever enemy buffs you can just remove it, meaning if you steal their attack down to 0 they will never come back :)


Ohhh, I found deploy turrets works well with the ult.

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Make sure you run a couple flickers, too. Those with the OP guys that steal 2-3 attack - they start getting HUGE if you fight creatures. Like 7/3 or 8/3 resist. Or you can flicker your ascending angels post ascent twice to fill your lanes with 5/5 flyers.

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This my deck for the last season (was in the top 20) and it's guaranteed to be a fun Wilo build. It's a long read, so brace yourself.

I have been playing Wiloryin exclusive in the past season and a lot more before that. I have found her to work especially good with ancients because they have strong creatures while mystical has good mana ramp cards. It also gives Wiloryin solid creature and gear removal which she would otherwise lack.

Actual deck design

For creatures:

Fae combatants Use at least 2.
Thoughtwoven spirits - 2-3. Excellent pressure at low cost.
Pegasus is also good with this deck build.
Dryads of the watch and warden of the glade both provide a good defense against aggro/burn.
Get Libraciders - they have great stats, are very mana efficient and are a great threat to some combo decks because of their mill
2-4 Illusionist (you will see why later). The number is based depending on how Real Crushers are popular in the meta

Now for the big drops:

Eldest titan - This is an amazing creature for Wiloryin. Not only does it have 2 splash and great stats for low mana cost, you can dispel his slow (+immobilize) and attack again. Players usually forget you can dispel negative status effects now so the second attack is often a surprise to them. That's 8 damage in 2 turns, if you're lucky.

Skybreaker giant. I ran 2.

Queen of Dragons - great card on it's own, even better in this deck.
For legenderies get Vulgrath and Firstborn of Euna. Firsborn is a heavily underrated card, since it's resist, splash and puresoul counters Thania and Arcanos.


You may have noticed something particular about most of the creatures in your deck. That's right, most have at least 2 abilities, so that's why your first spell is

Empower - Remember the 1/2 illusionist? People tend to place 2/2 or 3/3 creatures in front. What they don't expect is the illusionist becoming a 3/4 killing the opposing creature while still posing a threat. Firstborn of Euna becomes a 7/7. You can even buff the child of Euna to 5/5.

Relentless charge - You thought illusionist and empower make a good combo? If you manage to have a full board of illusionists on 6 turn, you can double cast relentless charge with your last ability and to do a whooping 15 total damage! Even if you are blocked, you will still do a lot of damage thanks to overrun. With Queen of dragons it's even stronger.

Titan's might/Ancient's will -Double casting titan's might gives you +6 damage and overun. A great finisher combo. Ancient's will Pegasus makes Arcanos cry.

The point of the whole deck is dropping your opponent to half hp and then just hitting hard with a double cast of a buff spell to do some crazy and unexpected damage. But unlike Groven, you are good at prolonged fights too.

For other spells, put some cheap creature removal like smack, but also get smother. Wyvern stampede is also a great choice, decent against RTG.
Get echo blast(s) for gear and heavy creature removal
Fae charm is great against Thania and low mana cost Bothar decks.
I've also used temporal reversal against MEK + Crush the meek (which is also good against ancient stones)
It wouldn't be unwise to get one Phantom Image spell, because your greatest weakness is RC. With this you can kill their RC and get one yourself with +1/+1 stats.
Lastly, you need some mana ramp cards, either spell bridge or relinquish since your deck is pretty mana hungry. Use spell bridge on your first charge of course.

Because Elemental is dominating Circlet of Wisdom is a must since you really don't have a lot of hp and die to aggro easily. All of your cards are light aligned so it fits in your deck perfectly.

Powerless is a good choice when you are facing MEK opus or Thania, but silence also helps a lot against maelstrom phoenixes and endless turn Thania. Use this runewords with caution because if not played in the right time, they may do more harm than good.


this is great input oncus. +1


+1 will try when I get the cards


I agree with oncus and grwwaaaa.

If you haven't checked out the KCG deck sharing site, it may be a good idea to do so, for ideas.
But its all been said here. You want low mana cards but strong like fae combats, circlet of wisdom, fae tricksters maybe etc.

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For Limited, she's very good for the Immortal Mill deck. Play Immortal, bring it back to your hand with her Ultimate.