Standardize hero stats

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Standardize hero stats

While most heroes follow the standard 18/1; 16/2; 14/3 some deviate from the rule in a negative way, and honestly I see no reason why these heroes are put at an unfair disadvantage. Since we moved forward from Tiers, I think we should place these heroes in the same stat line as their peers.

Alisten 15/2
Olfaan 15/2
Wilrus 15/2
Nomad 15/2
Crutomist 15/2
Amarus 15/2
Petrice 15/2
Amorya 15/2
Shadow 15/2

Notice how many of these heroes are rarely even seen in arenas, mostly due to their kit, but the lower stats certainly don't help. The unaligned heroes follow the trend of 15/2, and while I can see they have some advantage over other kingdom's heroes since they can combine 2 opposing kingdoms, I don't think they would be broken if changed to 16/2.



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We're doing another balancing pass soon. I could see this happening.


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