A New Way to Buff Hero's/ Kingdom Skills

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A New Way to Buff Hero's/ Kingdom Skills

(Does not include Bahamut, so keep reading on!)

The way I see it, hero's have their ABILITIES CHANGED

Originally; Draw a card, next card costs 2 mana less.
Changed too; Draw a card; if spell, it costs 2 less mana
Now; Draw next spell from deck; costs 2 less mana

When it could be;

1) Draw a card, this turn next card costs 2 or less mana OR target card gains manacycle 4

Lets look at another example;

Originally; Target creatures gains 0 attack, 2 health and over run
changed to; Target creature gains 1 attack, 1 health and over run
now is; Target creature and opposing creature deal damage to eachother equal to their attack.

Could be; Target creature gains 1 health, 1 attack and over run OR target enemy hero losses' 3 charges.

Final Example
Unnys; (had no buffs/nerfs)
1) Destroy target corpse, draw 1 card and gain 1 mana and health. (a simple buff idea)
2) Deal 2 damage to target creature and 1 to its opposing and abject creatures
3) (The example) destroy target ally creature; then gain mana equal to its attack and mana equal to the creatures attack OR enemy creatures gain curse 1 and doomed.

The main ideas from the examples; Based off bothar's 1st and 3rd skill, the reason he's strong . . .
His abilities grant options.
If bother could only target a gear and destroy it, or an ally creature gains splash, he would suck, right? So for hero buffs, why not do the same? Why not allow the weaker hero's to have more options like the unnys example above. Much easier than re-designing a full skill like grovenhold's.

Infact, these options could apply for KINGDOMS;

Undead; Enemy creatures gain curse 1 and doomed
Mystical; If you have more mana than enemy herol; draw 3 cards
Holy; If you have less health than opponent; destroy all creatures and gain 1 health for each.

Each hero has a "Kingdoms" ability based on the kingdom that hero is. *This is just the rough idea*.
Could be a 4th skill a hero gets, or could be "can only use once per game" special ability, who knows.
Or like stated above, it could just be an easy way of buffing a weak hero or two, instead of re-designing the whole thing. But if it is, it WILL put the other hero's without this into weaker lanes I think. But that's just a rough idea on how to easily buff hero's, feedback is very much welcomed!


sometimes it is difficult to gather what you are trying to say. i think you are suggesting some changes to a couple heroes' abilities and then also suggesting a new kingdom specific skill for each kingdom. I think the idea of a kingdom specific skill is pretty interesting, and makes sense with the new 2k format. i have no opinion on the rest of the stuff you suggested, because i couldnt make heads or tails of what you were really saying.


Neither do I to be honest, I just made this late one night as a suggestion :p.
But im keeping it cause I think the suggestion for unnys alt is totally sweet, enemy creatures gain doom and cursed 1.


There are not only 2 abilities but if you do some research on it so you get more abilities into it.The northbendlibrary shares some abilities that you can use for different purposes.