Amorya Rework

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Amorya Rework

First Ability:
3 charges: If you control a Beast, deal 1 physical damage to target enemy. If not, deal 1 physical damage to a random enemy.

Second Ability:
4 charges: Target creature gains +1/+1. If It is your only creature and is a Beast, give it +2/+1 instead.

Third Ability:
5 charges: Unchanged.


i say that the first ability should allow us to target an enemy, but stay the same.
the second ability should be Target creature gains +1/+1. If It is your only creature , give it +2/+1 instead.
the third ability should stay the same.


Amorya is a rogue type, not a beast type. Beasts are considered a mystical subtype now anyway.


Actually flavorfully she's a hunter


As she is more of a generalist, I'd keep her abilities rather general as she is now. The first and last ability are fine the way they are, despite being a little weaker than other heroes. The 2nd ability is the mian one that needs a buff. I'd say have it be +1/1 to target creature, +2/2 if you have no other ally creatures. That might even make up for the weakness in the other two abilities.


Amoyra 16 health 3 mana

1) 3 charges; Deal 1 damage to target creature or hero.
2) 4 charges) Target ally creature gains 1/1, 2/1 if its your only creature.
3) 5 charges) Deal 3 piercing damage to target creature, if that creature dies deal 2 damage to enemy hero.


I like cewens version feels good ide play her


but it is the third ability is to powerful. it should be deal two piercing damage to target creature and 1 damage to its hero, that way it may stay 5 charges.

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I say make the 1st and 2nd changes, and leave the ult the way it is.


Maybe just make it 2 piercing as an ult its fairly underwelming in the cuurent form and does reqire a creature in play if u want to deal 1 dmg

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I would prefer too see her 1st and maybe last charge do armor pierce. Her second charge could always be set to give 1/1, but I don't think she needs more than that.


Any buff to Amorya would be welcome. The way she is now is just awfully unbalanced with other heroes.
She is by far the worst hero in this game.

I understand why she is Neutral. But she shouldn't plain.

Keep in mind that Amorya is the most attractive Hero to look at. I wouldn´t mind battling her more often.