DISCUSSION: Banning Cards in Guild Wars

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DISCUSSION: Banning Cards in Guild Wars

When it comes to Guild Wars, I want to listen to the guild community on what cards should stay or go. In a recent post, it was raised that if some cards, which players feel warp the Guild meta should be banned.

If there is overwhelming consensus on this, then I will move forward with the bans.


1) Swap
2) Inverted Hourglass

Please put your opinions below.


1) EBA may be something to be wary of
2) Raise the guard? Its a card I see played a LOT in attack and defence. Almost as if its definitely needed . . .
3) swap, very nice thanks
4) Hour glass, again I agree on this.

I almost want to say Rejuive potion too . . .


I agree with hourglass and swap. Cant think of any other card that can be so abused by AI. Even Deploy Cannos is highly restricted in its abuses.


I think Hourglass is a huge problem and needs to be banned. But not just for being broken. The card also makes the game have too many triggers at the beginning of turns and often can make the game crash. Oh joy, free defense wins.

Swap is a problem, but it can be dealt with. Just need to make one deck change or just play archmage.

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Imo Eba and Rtg are completely fine.Hourglass is usually a nonsense indeed (Rejuve+Duplicate each turn since some moment).


Definitely Swap,
Hourglass can be annoying, but i I feel like there is more counters (Puresoul, Relic Hunter, Echo Blast, Smelt). I wouldn't mind either way really for this card.
EDIT: Beckoning, ugh. I know it's a legend, but really don't like seeing it RNG the game.


I completely disagree on banning of cards especially at epic level. I still see MANY guys doing 15/15. If you ban some cards that makes player lose games, what's the point being in epic? Would you like to go back to stone age where everyone is doing 30/30?

1. Even before when swap was rampant, the guild that I was in deviced a deck that deals GooG even at first turn. Still we do 30/30.

2. Hourglass is less much of a threat compared to swap because it is slow progressing. Eventually, you will get the mana and the cards to deal with it. Unlike swap, where it becomes a luck game at turn 1 with few cards in hand and starting mana.

The game does NOT crash on me against hourglass. Yes it takes time, but we only have 15/15 now.

3. EBA - you should not be in epic if you can't handle EBA. You need to develop more in lower tier.

If you want to ban cards, ban them in LOWER TIER since those def should not be rampant down there because you have new players just trying to farm and develop. How can they farm, if they can only win 6-10/15. They would just QUIT THE GAME. AND THAT IS THE ISSUE THERE IN GUILDS. There's is a reason why it is a TIER a system but how come you see those old players down the tier.

Epic tier is supposed to be hard. Def decks should be annoying. BUT the players are just accustomed to score high and win fast. That's the conflict there.


The point is not if theres ways to deal with them or not. We both have the cards to deal with it.

The fact is that it sends ppl away from the game cuz their interaction feels like a huge BS. It makes the game look dumb. And as you said, lots of epic dudes with this kind of defense in lower tiers.

I started this conversation not because i cant beat those cards. My last 3 attacks vs Alpha and DD combined did 45/45.

Im more concerned at the general level of enjoyment for ppl that doesnt have the level of our cardpool. And most of those dudes are in epic. We need more ppl enjoying the guild system.

Banishing hourglass and swap wont change much of the scores, since the difficulty level is more based on diversity imo.


Basically you are agreeing with me that you need to ban cards at lower tier level only. It feels dumb/BS in perspective of other players who does not have a higher level of card pool. Being in epic, I expect challenging defs, thats where I get my enjoyment. That's why you have TIER systems. The guild's tier system here has lots of issues, but it is entirely a new topic.

It is not the question that you can do 45/45. It is the question, what def decks have a higher percentage making player lose. That's the reason why you have 4-5 thania def out there more than any def. Remove hourglass/swap. You will see many more guys doing 45/45.

That last statement btw, I don't want to bet on it. You want to remove thania def and swap in our def now and see what happens?

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Lets also talk about cards that she banned from attack decks that players are able to use to exploit the AI...

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This is obviously another angle that could be considered. For instance I know that the AI will always play its abilities even if you have a Power Conduit in play. I guess the question is how "balanced" a playing field do you want between the player and AI.


1) the balance should clearly favor the players, since AI doesnt need to have fun; like i said, guild interest is growing, and guilds like DiamondDudes just made 86 attacks on us. In old times that number used to be 0. We should continue to work in that direction.

2) AI doesnt play braindead vs Conduit, it avoids playing abs one by one, rather playing it all in one turn. Conduit is strong by its nature, but its not auto-win vs AI. If you face a jorma def f.e., it will wait for furious revival to load, then fill your charges and steal with goblin. So conduit is fine.


Know roughly the time when "banned guild cards" will be realised? Just to give us all time to swap defence decks :P

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Conduit is a bad example - as Joe mentioned ai play wisely vs it and uses abilities reluctantly, just as human players do.

One card that makes ai stupid is Flame Etched Shaman, but you need to know you'll play vs Devroth to use it.And even then it can backfire.

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if you are banning swap you MUST BAN FINAL VERDICT otherwise it will be unfair !!!


I agree on final verdict too honestly :P.


But Verdict is completely unfair even in arena. If its considered fine in PVP by Karl, then its fair in guilds cuz AI cant abuse it.

If u bring the argument of "not fun", yeah, im with you on that.

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If we ban cards, if I understand earthcostruct, I agree. Leave epic league only but ban cards in lower leagues

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I'd rather the opponent in guild wars be something else entirely, but for the time being, this is the way I'd go. If you want easier fights, go to lower levels.


Swap is the only card the AI is abusing, knowing the right moment to swap.
Hourglass? I dont see a problem here, everyone can play hourglass + dupe as the AI does. I can see the card in general being annoying, but then again dont ban it from gw, ban it from the game.

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Considering upcoming fix - Summoner's Gambit may be even more abused by ai than Swap.


banning swap is like giving everyone a free win.
The reason why AI still wins from time to time is because it gets incredible lucky hits. The AI is simply to dumb and easily abused to be considered a threat without its "luck"


why don't you make it to where the guild wars don't get interrupted when those players are online, or change there deck, as for banning cards, eternal protector should be banned because it is unable to be destroyed or damaged, and then this one card i saw people using that deals and increases attack, i cant seem to remeber what is though.

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Eternal protector isn't immune to life drain nor status effects. All kingdoms have access to ways of dealing with him. Play posions or life drain cards and you shouldn't have a problem.


Eternal Protector is basically a joke to deal with, there are tons of cards in all kingdoms that can answer it and most heroes also have a build in answer


I don't have as much at stake in this, because im in a silver farm guild, but I would like to see GooG swap done with. I don't know if banning cards in just the tiers other than epic is an option, and im not in epic, so I have no opinion either way on that. I don't ever see hourglass decks in silver, so I guess until I do, I don't care about that one either