CONTEST: Gods Reborn Top Cards!

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CONTEST: Gods Reborn Top Cards!

It's that time again... CONTEST!

This time we'd like TWO top 3 lists from each of you:

1) Your Top 3 cards from Gods Reborn from a Play perspective. Now this is up to you - the 3 most powerful, the 3 most fun to play, the 3 most creative. Just your 3 faves.

2) Your Top 3 card arts from Gods Reborn. Which 3 cards did our art team knock it out of the park on?


1 Grand Prize: 1 copy of Kral, Harbinger of a New Age

3 Runner Up Prizes: 1 Epic card of YOUR CHOICE from Gods Reborn.

The Standard Rules:

1) You must post your answers in reply to this message here on the forums.
2) You must include both lists.
3) You can post more than once, but you can only ever get one entry into the contest.
4) Contest will end Friday, November 13 at 4 pm EST. You can continue to post after this point, but the winners will have already been selected.

Have fun!

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Top 3 from Play perspective:Queen of Dragons,Soul of the Forest,Final Fight
Arts:Steelbane Overwatch,Spellbound Spirit,Birth of a New God

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- For play

Queen of Dragons

Very good card. Almost secure 6 dmg, and insta board presence for only 6 mana.

Gentle giant

Great and underestimated card in limited especially for Bothar. You can actually see opponents pause of a while while they contemplate how and should they tackle this creature since it can't be removed that easily.

Vial of angelic tears

Oh man, this card saved my butt on several occasions, it wouldn't be right if I didn't include it here. Probably the only card that can get you back in the game for such a small cost.

+Vampiric touch - just a crazy efficient card.

- Good lookers

Vial of Fire
Living Nightmare
Queen of dragons

+Vial of angelic tears
+Gnome champion - ridiculously photogenic gnome


Okay, top 3 favorites:
1. Stone of simplicity
2. Lord of night
3. Birth of a new god

Top 3 arts
1. Soul of the forest
2. Sacrifice for power
3. Ascended purifier


1) Soul of the Forest (just sooo cool!)
2) MEK unit (new updated version)
3) Chaos mage (I like the whole mad man thing) :)

1) G'rom, old god.
2) Ascended purifier
3) dragon transformation


Play perspective: 1. Autobot 2. Awakening Angel 3. Lord of Night
Art perspective: 1. Ascended Purifier 2. Sandrager 3. War


Top 3 cards - Consume mind, Autobot and Relic Hunter

Top Art - Key of Heavens, Vial of Fire and Augmentation Blast

Thanks for keeping the new stuff coming!!


Okay, so these are my top 3 fav. cards from a PLAY point of view the new reborn set ^.^

1) Master of words.

This card, although perhaps weak at first glance, has a lot of potential and could be combined with rune words that make it more durable such as silence of delay, making me wonder about possible combos =P

2) Wereth the Heretic.

I cannot stress how much I love this card. This legendary creature finally embodies something I think will really improve the play of the game. Instead of a super beefy creature that mindlessly smashes away at the enemy, this card allows for more thoughtful and tactical play. All while maintaining the awe inspiring power of a legendary.

3) Souleater

This is an amazing card for its revenge tactics >:D. Let's say you've just (amazingly) managed to kill a super beefy creature, and you're in a dire state. You're down to your last 3 health points, and the enemy still has 11 health. The battle looks over... unless... you pray to Elara and by some miracle you draw souleater. Even though you only had 2 mana, that's all you need. You play the souleater and a 12/12 appears of the board. The enemy really does put up a fight, trying to finish you off, but they are out of resources after playing their 12/12 on their last turn... >:D You are triumphant!

And, my fav. artwork cards...

1) Aether Walk

Okay, I'm not gonna lie. Before the buff I wasn't a fan of the card gameplay-wise. But I HAVE always loved the art on the card. So much of a story is told in one card. In one portal we see a peacful woodland forest, covered in a thin blanket of snow, and in the other a land ravaged by flames and soldiers. You could imagine that this was the work of the elemental kingdom with the flames in the distance, and it leaves you to wonder what had happened to make the land so violent.

2) Final fight

There's no deep meaning to why I love the art on this card. All I can say is that it looks so... cool. The elf with her skin bubbling with flames and her eyes bright magma, it's just a really well drawn and thought out card :3

3)Vampire's touch

I really love the classical Gothic style this card was drawn in. It's a break from the fantasy vampire that really paints a picture in my mind. There's the classic damsel in distress whose skin contrasts sharpley with the vampire's skin and the blood on her neck. It's just a very well drawn card.

(I wasn't sure if we were supposed to put out reasoning.. but I did it anyway so my points got across :P)
Well, that's it from me - Bard


TOP 3:
1. Wereth, the Heretic
2. Coerce
3. Final Fight

1. Key of Heavens
2. Aether Walk
3. Sacrefice of Power


Top 3 cards to play:
Zoetic Thistle
Precision Kill
Lightning Shaman

Top 3 arts:
Firestorm Dragon
Guardian of the Meek

My ingame name is Gq1rf7 though


Top 3 cards:
1) Autobot- It's like a porn star Energizer just keeps coming, and coming, and coming...
2) Consume Mind- This card is fun!! "Whats that M.E.K.? You needed those rejuves, duplicates and treasure hunts?!.....yeah....not gonna happen....bro"
3) Chaos Mage- Red Deck Wins punted their hand for the win...and failed. Chaos mage can fix it. Play this 2/2 for 3 and get two cards in your empty hand and try to sneak out that victory!!

Art cards-
1) Vial of fire- Looks like something Aladin would use in combat.
2) Gnome Champ- He looks like Megan Man's big bro.
3) Flame Barrage- When I cast this card I sing "I make it rain on these hos"

Great job on the new set.


The top 3 cards from reborn to play:
1st:Shard Caltrops! Play one and be safe of scav gob, Rage invoker, and all those annoying little 1 health pests, play 2 and you win the game unless the opponent is playing heavily ancient. Even Bothar hates it, since its 4 mana and he needs his ultimate to kill it.
2nd: Vampire's touch. Lifeloss removal is the best sort, since very very few cards are imune to it (looking at you,thrice damned Elara!) but gaining life on top of it? I just love it.
3rd: Now this is a tough one. i'm unsure about nominating it, but i think Vial of angelic tears is just too good to NOT nominate it. The other two are close behind it, but healing 6 health for 2 mana is just too much to not give it the third place it should have.

Now onwards to the finest pieces of art within Gods Reborn:

1st:Awakening Angel: Whats not to like with an angelic sleeping Beauty? I really like the way she lies there sleeping, waiting to awaken, and i like the style of her cloths, plain cloths, but befitting an angel!
2nd: Lord of the Night: The creaturesubtype says Vampire, but i would love to add "Aristocrate" because he certainly looks like one. Ornate Clothing and heavy armor suited for a being that rules over the Night
3rd: Birth of a new God: Its just epic.(oh wait, its legendary, but meh, you get what i'm talking about, right? :-)


1. Chaos mage
2. Kral, Harbinger of a New Age
3. Vial of Angelic Tears

Art :
1. Soul of the Forest
2. Hammer of the Gods
3. Key of the Heavens


My three best cards (without any order):
- Chaos mage: It's very powerful in the right moment.
- Lightning Shaman: Cheap and card advantage.
- Vial of Fire: Cheap and excelent removal, very useful against a lot of strategies. Maybe risky if become too popular.

Top arts:
- Glade stag
- Spellbound Spirit
- Lord of Night


Top 3 to play:
1. Bloodbound Dagger (finally Vampires are viable)
2. Spellbound Spirit - nice to work draw mechanics with something other than QDC
3. Terrorize - Awesome to get more life loss spells at our disposal =D

Top 3 art:
1. Ascended Purifier
2. Lord of Night
3. Living Nightmare

Lots of kickass art this set, tough choices!

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Top3 to play:
Wereth the Heretic
Queen of Dragons
Lightning Shaman

Top3 art:
Queen of Dragons (again)
Birth of a New God

Keep up with the great work!

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Top3 to play

Relic Hunter
Final Fight

Top3 arts

Birth of a New God
Aether Walk
Ascended Purifier

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My 3 favourite cards from the set are HOLY!
Guardian of the Meek,Awakening Angel and Key of the Heavens

And I think the best 3 card arts are:
Glade Stag(I just love the look of that card !! )
Ensouled Bear( who ever made those is really good at drawing animals you can almost feel the animal spirit while looking at the card)
Queen of Dragons ( very good looking one and reminds me of "Game of Thrones" a bit :D so sad that her life is so poor - just 2 )


Top 3 card from my perspective:

There are alot of fun cards in this set. But the cards that i really enjoy are:

3: Awakening angel. A 5/5 flying angel in the making. All you have to do is keep it alive for 3 turn. What an incredible card.
2: Flag of allegiance. I know I know, it's just a common. And not a very creative one. But to me this card opens up alot of themed decks. This way you can make beasts out of small creatures.
1: Plated battlebot. What? Another common? on death it gives 2 shields. What is there not to love about this creature? Can you say: VALUE!. Incredible value. just wow.


My top 3:

3: Living Bomb: The art says it all. You don't even need the card title.
2: Aether Walk: Pretty colours, and again the picture explains the card.
1: Living Nightmare: Best art. That thing looks like a scary horror. Love it.


Living Horror - that reminds of what the world thought that the ppl in asia looke like 500 years ago ( dont ask )
Sould of the Forest - nice colours and nice ethereal bear
Gnome Champion - That hair ( complete anti-hero anime hair )
Card Effect -
Chaos mage, Stone of Simplicity, Vial of fire


Play perspective:
1. Spellbound Spirit (absolutely looove this card wish I had some to build grovenhold pseudo qdc)
2. Coerce (cause thoughtseize)
3. Soul of the Forest (cause flashback beast combo)

Art Perspective - Honestly I couldn't find many pieces of art I liked but I guess
1. Curse of Flame
2. Coerce
3. Consume Mind

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Fun play:
1. Sacrifice for Power. Not just for reassemble decks, but also to pop a MCW, immolated critter or, in the best case scenario, your opponents critter (I'm looking at you, Felincia.)

2. Divine Medallion. There is a lot of immolation going around. This should be a staple card for creature based decks.

3. Coerce. Ichor tech - not only can you pop that fattie out of your opponents hand, but it is then put in play on your side.

1: War
2: Precision Kill
3: Aether Walk


Hm... tough ones. I`ll only mention the nice cards which aren`t so strong to be annoying.
1. Stone of Simplicity (I adore this card. It can bring a new deck type. This is good design!)
2. Vial of Fire (Strong Card but not to strong to be annoying)
3. Gnome Champion (I like playing with abilities. I can`t wait to have for of these lads.)

For the artwork:
1. Befuddled Researcher
2. Gentle Giant
3. Queen of Dragons


Top 3 Play/Mechanic:
Queen of Dragons
Lord of Night

Top 3 Art:
Sacrifice for Power
Vial of Power


Top 3 (Play Perspective)
1. Kral, Harbinger of a New Age
2. Lightning Shaman
3. Final Fight

Top 3 (Art)
1. Dunestorm Raider
2. Sacrifice for Power
3. Chaos Mage


My top 3 cards
1 Auto-bot
2 Final Fight
3 Birth of a new god

My top 3 Arts
1 Wildwood Wchoes
2 Consume mind
3 Coerce


Favorite card art:

3. Gentle Giant, because that picture is awesome and hilarious.
2. Flame Barrage, that art actually made me sad, still is good art work though.
1. Zoetic Thistle, Making a thistle awesome takes talent.
extra: Sandrager

Favorite cards:

3. Rust, finally, thanks.
2. SteelBane Overwatch, for people who like creatures and loath gear, this is perfect.
1. R'Grom, Old God. Doesn't get more legendary than that :)



Top 3 play perspective:
1) Relic Hunter
2) Staff of Stability
3) Lightning Shaman

Top 3 Arts:
1) Spellbound Spirit
2) Guardian of the Meek
3) Living Nightmare


player name: patoka

Top 3 player perspective:
1) Wereth, the Heretic
2) Stone of Simplicity
3) Lightning Shaman

Top 3 Arts:
1) Soul of the Forest
2) R'Grom, Old God
3) Living Nightmare


Top3 to play

Relic Hunter
Ascended Purifier

Top3 arts

Birth of a New God
Queen of Dragons
Ascended Purifier


Awakening Angel
Wolf Pack (x3)
Wereth, The Heretic

Firestorm Dragon
Spiritbane Elf


Top 3 Play: Rust, Tempest, Queen of Dragons

Top 3 Art: Ascended Purifier, Goblin Vandal, Birth of a New God


Player: tailings

Favorite Art
The art in Kingdoms has always been wonderful. Unique, excellently executed and with a sense of fun.

1. Goblin Speedster - Gob Hog's ambitious, yet not quite as scary cousin. Embodies the mischievousness that defines the Goblin tribe.
2. Fate - A very simple concept that echoes Kingdoms as a card game, a fact easily forgotten in the digital era.
3. Befuddled Researcher - A strange card that can't attack or block, just waiting to be exploited somehow, someway. He looks as puzzled as I am.

Favorite Play
I'm still getting my feet wet with God's Reborn and have yet to even sample everything new to my collection. Nonetheless, here are a few things I'm digging...

1. Ancient's Blessing - Courage on steroids. Yes, it's power creep but that is the nature of the beast. Accepting the fact, this card is a no brainer for a buff.
2. Refresh - A better Burst of Wisdom. You lose the card draw, but recover ALL cards and can easily be incorporated into a Limited deck. Makes Thought Retriever virtually unnecessary for Mystical decks.
3. Guardian of the Meek - Love the concept, though I'll admit I've yet to play it. Buff a bit and you have a power house against a great many nasties.


Top 3 to play:
Queen of Dragons
Stone of Simplicity
Extraction Device

Top 3 art:
Soul of the Forest
Lord of Night
Birth of a New God


Top 3 Play :
Ascended Purifier
Extraction Device
Zoetic Thistle
Top 3 Art :
Ascended Purifier
Key of the Heavens


Fun Play
1. Aether Walk
2. Flag of Allegiance
3. Key of the Heavens

Art - I like drawings that are less cartoonish
1. Relic Hunter
2. Ascended Purifier
3. Key of the Heavens



Top 3 for Play:
1. Ascended Purifier - there are so few Pacify or Banish effects in this game, putting both in one creature makes for some real fun stuff.
2. Hammer of the Gods - not only will it smash Mek tokens first, but if you're running something like Ancient burn that doesn't have lots of creatures, you won't have to worry about it targeting your own cards.
3. Lightning Shaman - Returning its full mana cost worth of cards when it dies is incredibly efficient, especially if you have an Elemental Hero to take advantage of the charms. It's the type of on-death effect that can sometimes be just as efficient to kill it with one of your own cards.

Top 3 card arts:
1. Coerce - the difference in their facial expressions is priceless.
2. Blinding Dust - the look of the warrior almost being transformed by the dust is a really cool effect.
3. Ascended Purifier - The combination of the angle we're looking up at him from and the simple fact that it's an angel in spiked armor with a big axe cuts a very imposing figure.


TOP 3 play
1- Final Fight (Grovenhold was remembered)
2- Auto Bot (troll card)
3- Coerce

Top 3 art:

1- R'Grom
2- Ascended Purifier
3- Chaos Mage


My three favorite cards from gods Reborn are:
1. Coerce - This card has been rocking it for me in limited.
2. Rust - I have already stolen a bunch of games off of Mek that I would have lost otherwise.
3. Tempest - Just does everything you could want from a burn spell.

1. Key of the heavens - Looks like an epic key.
2. Ensouled Bear - Who doesn't like a bear with a fairy halo.
3. Dunestorm Raider - Just a cool looking dude.


Top 3 to play:

1) Zoetic Thistle

Wonderful 2-drop for control decks. Many times I look for hard to kill creatures and combine that with buff cards for the finish. The Thistle combines these two elements. It's something your opponent needs to take care of quickly or is a pain later, is cheap enough to allow resource to go towards other control cards (like Pacify), and combines the hard to kill creature with finishing buff for 2 mana. Great card!

2) Auto-bot

Another great 2 drop. Can be used in both aggro and control decks. Basically combines card draw, persistent threats, and cheap damage for 2 mana. Amazing!

3) Bloodbound Dagger

While not so powerful by itself, I just love the theme deck playability of this card...and I love vampires. This is the type of card that pushes 3 and 4 drop vampires over the edge. Each race should have a card like this!

Favorite Art:
1) Ascended Purifier
2) Energizing Soldier
3) Lord of Night


Top 3 Cards to Play:
1: Essence Vial - I love to mana ramp. Especially in decks with Circlet.
2: Auto-Bot - Dude, never stops going.
3: Kral, Harbringer - I love nailing Legendaries for 2 mana, but with Flashback and Step Through Time, I found myself playing him as a bear to draw into more explosive Legendaries.

Top 3 Card Artwork:
1: Soul of the Forest - Gorgeous.
2: Key of the Heavens - Very aesthetically pleasing to me.
3: Furious Bonebreaker - Art matches card name perfectly. Good perspective.

- KK


Top 3 cards by
Sandrager ~ I love the artwork on this card, the flames were drawn with incredible detail, which commons don't often get, this card may be common but it looks like an epic :)

Stone of Simplicity ~ Sometimes simple is the best. The art fits the card perfectly. Stone of simplicity could have been drawn in many different ways, but I think there is no other way that beats what it is currently. It's also kinda funny when you think about the art. I wonder who those people are...
(And one suggestion, make the next reward for arena a custom art Stone of Simplicity. Where the card is simply a stone. Literally, white background, a stone, thats it. XD. No? Yeah, that was a bad idea...)

Ancients Blessing ~ Another common that I think looks amazing. I don't know if it was intentional, but that blessing looks a heck of a lot like a massage which cracks me up! Either it's the funniest card art in Gods Reborn

Steelbane Overwatch: Officially one of my favorite cards. With M.E.K being so widely used and with devastating abilities that center around gear, gear and more gear, Steelbane Overwatch can catch M.E.K players unaware. With the majority of M.E.K strength coming from gear, you can expect ALOT of it, this card is not only immune to gear damage but gets a buff for each enemy gear. If your opponent has 6 cannons out that's a HUGE +6 attack with no need to worry about damage. As for M.E.K's costructs it's overun makes sure you can deal a hefty amount of damage before your Steelbane overwatch dies. It's also effective against the many other decks that play cannons, as well as lava blade, making it also useful in campaign.

Vial of Fire ~ I don't often have a tough time in Guild Wars (jk, I do), but when I do it's usually against someone playing this card. This card wrecks my deck which has lots of low health creature. It's effective against annoying firesworns, cards like Thundercats, and Scavenging goblin. EDIT: And can slow down swap decks.

Birth of a New God ~ The only Gods Reborn legend I have a desire to obtain This card can become amazingly powerful late in the game: At turn 9 it has the potential to take out all heroes in two shots, assuming it gains haste and flying/unblockable. It can also be extremely hard to kill if it gets indestructible and regen. I haven't seen it yet, but thinking of Birth of a New God and empower gives me nightmares...

Well that's all I have to say, amazing work with this card expansion, keep it up :)
Username: Mangoji

p.s. Honestly though none of the epics are spectacular, except perhaps Extraction device or Consume mind which both look incredibly handy...
Extraction device would be my first choice of epics.
EDIT: Woah. Just looked at everyone else. Might have made mine too long... :P


1) Your Top 3 cards from Gods Reborn from a Play perspective. Now this is up to you - the 3 most powerful, the 3 most fun to play, the 3 most creative. Just your 3 faves.
1. Relic hunter is great against Mek especially , 2. Tempest is a great overall burn card, and 3. Vial of fire is good against rush as they typically don't have minions with more than 3 health

2) Your Top 3 card arts from Gods Reborn. Which 3 cards did our art team knock it out of the park on?
Three of my favorite cards too look at are 1. Firestorm Dragon, I like dragons :D, 2. Essence Vial, reminds me of Legend of Zelda Kokiri Forest and 3. Wolf's howl, I just love the moon and a howling wolf in front of it is awesome :D


Top three cards:
1) Queen of Dragons: instantly gives amazing board presence
2) Relic Hunter: basically an auto-include in a Mek-heavy meta
3) Final Fight: fun, versatile card. It's also exactly what Felincia was missing.

Top three arts:
1) Birth of a New God
2) Ascended Purifier
3) R'Grom, Old God


Top 3 Cards to Play:
1: Captain of the Guard Spread that armor around!
2: Wereth the Heratic tarket him with a spell and bam! a damage spell free spell
3: Flicker Can copy buffed up cards from any side of the fence

Top 3 Card Artwork

1:Soul drain, Perfect
2:Night of the damned, look at all those skeletons the color shading is so nice and the armor guilding matches the rare color
3:Pure heart Martyr Now thats a beautiful card to use


Top 3 - Gameplay
1) Consume Mind - I have this grand vision of using this in a mill deck; won't help against creature decks, but should be able to cripple spell-slingers. Hasn't worked so far. Also there is a perverse satisfaction in banishing that one spell-card the opponent really needs.
2) Queen of Dragons
3) Vial of Fire

Top 3 - Art
1) Chaos Mage - The art perfectly captures a "Muahahah-eheh-hahaha-FIRE"-type of madness.
2) Soul of the Forest - Ever since I have laid mine eyes on the Spectral Bears from MtG's Homelands, I have dearly loved the ghostly transparent blue/sickly green look that's used here as well. Also, has this lonesome-druid-at-perfect-inner-balance-in-the-woods-vibe.
3) Queen of Dragons - She has pet dragons! Which like way to nice, like giant kittens. You can almost hear them purring, these monstrous cat-dragons. Ok, getting weird. Still love the art.

(P:S. SchroedingersCat i.g.)


play: Kral, Harbinger of a New Age, Birth of a New God, Wereth, The Heretic
art: Lord of Night, Gnome Champion, Ascended Purifier
username: yatheilo

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top 3 I think all three have the potential to open up new decks and affect the meta drastically
1) essence vial
2) Lord of the Night
3) Stone of Simplicity

top 3 art (ok, I like wolves)
1) Wolf's Howl
2) Wolf Pack
3) Mooncrest Alpha


Top 3- gameplay
1) essence vial
2) curse of flames
3) final fight

Top 3 -Art
1) chaos mage
2) Lord of night
3) Ascended Purifier


Top three cards:
1) Lord of Night
2) Vampire's Touch
3) Ruthless Bloodsucker

Top three arts:
1) Light of Honor
2) Augmentation Blast
3) Tempest

IGN: Harkonnen


1. Awakening Angel
2. Key of the Heavens
3. Precision Kill
1. Living Nightmare
2. Awakening Angel
3. War