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Groven's second

While I think his second is fine and dandy, I rarely see myself using it.

The ability itself is best for large creature that focus on breaking through the enemy line and dealing constant damage to the enemy.

However, the ability is much to slow for a competitive deck. That's why you don't see brawl often at all. Maybe you'd see it used In pauper? Most Groven builds are made around hastey creatures with low hp and high attack, which makes the ability near useless.

Secondly, the ability is ONLY (Usually) useful when you have a creature who'se opposing creature has less health, giving us the ability to use groven's second to kill him and aggressively move foreword.

I don't really think it 'needs' a change. If you keep it the way it is, even if it were a 2 charge ability I'd use it about the same amount...

I'd rather have a greater advantage to using it though. Maybe have it give our target creature +2 hp until the end of the turn. If this is considered too much of a buff, make it cost 1 more charge.

I just think it needs a slight change/buff to compliment groven's build more. I personally preferred the old ability more than his current. (What was the old one? +3hp and overrun?)

I think groven was made in the intention of making him good with strong fatties that push his way through enemies. If you wanted to make him that way, I'd say his third ability would need to be changed.
(Maybe something like "Gain 1 mana for each ally creature worth 3 mana or more. Each ally creature gains overrun and +0/2." Or something like that. Any build that focuses on fatties need mana enhancements, which is one of the reasons why agro builds are more common. They're faster, more aggressive, and cheap.

My point is, groven's 2nd and 3rd ability just don't really compliment eachother all that well. While his 2nd ability supports bigger, high hp creatures, his 3rd ability best supports high attack haste creatures.

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I agree fully that his 4 charge is just subpar, not only comparing to other 4 charges, but within his kit too.
If I had a say, I would definitely change his 5 charge, since OTK decks are usually problematic and again force super fast aggro decks meta.

But keeping him as he is, I think what you suggested (adding 2hp until end of turn) isn't a bad idea at all. I don't think it would be too strong at all.


I felt really sad cuz the idea of moving his ult to mid for 4 charges was mine, and i gave lots of creative ideas on how to make it. Instead we got brawl. No creativity, no value.

But, after last set, we now have final fight that is insane with Groven, and fits well with brawl. So i think we should wait a bit for players to build their collection to criticize Groven.

I did a test with my alt (2.6k wins, no money spent), and got to Top 50 in Standard with 22 games with Groven and a noob collection. I believe i lost 3/22, all of them to arcanos.

So maybe Groven is competitive even with a subpar mid ab, cuz of the new set.


I've been playing with him the last few days, and like I said, I never thought he was weak.

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