How to play MEK LIKE A PRO (Limited)

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How to play MEK LIKE A PRO (Limited)

People say "MEK auto lose to bother". but is this true? Let me explain here . . .

The DAFT way to play MEK;
Spamming your abilities with opus of gadgetry. You have what exactly? at max you could have 1 of each ability; a shield, a construct warrior and a war banner. All good and dandy. But that's incorrect. Its way to easy to kill, even in limited people have gear destroy cards (Smelt, Goblin vandal, Shatter). The result; Having no mana, no cards in hand and your screwed.

The BETTER way to play MEK;

indestructible. I've been screaming at mek players behind my screen for not having this card in. Most bother decks (like mine for example) have NO rune worlds!
if your focusing on an army, then you want to protect them. You want to also protect your mech war banner so that it can draw you cards again (the next indestructible) and help you get back on top and in control.
Yea, it takes up 4 of your rare spaces, but you don't even need 4. You could have 2 and 4 rune tomes which means for 4 mana you can slap down indestructible whenever you like!
And if you do have 4, doesn't change much. You can still have 32 other alchemy cards (including opus of gadgetry).

Hope you liked this guide on how to play mek (limited) for newbies!


Hmm... If only I had an indestructible.

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I wouldn't really call opus MEK the wrong way to play him. While indestructible might save you, it really rides on the idea that no one packs runes. Meaning if someone has a runeword the whole thing falls apart. I actually make a habbit of having at least 2 runewords in my deck. A well timed powerless can win you the game and it's a great card for bothar too.


Fine, not the "wrong way" "right way" but the "better way" to play mek :P

Hero's shouldn't be banned or nerfed (heard in chat) due to poor deck building skills. :)


I love gear cards. I really enjoy how they enrich this game.
What I do not enjoy is that with the current 2k match-ups mana is a very important issue. Mostly in limited. I can't spam manacycles or that new mana gear. Simply because i don't use mystical. This results in often a low mana build deck. Unfortunately Bothar thrives on this. For only 3 charges he can either kill my creatures with his splash 2 ability. Or he can destroy one of my essential gears. It is a very versatile and charge efficient ability that Bothar has.

The result is that many limited build I make for the limited arena are automatically flawed because i will run into Bothar more often than not. For this same reason I fortunately do not have to worry about MEK decks in limited. Because Bothar is shutting this entire character down.

I would love to see Bothar get punished more often so that he is not picked that often and we get more balance.

I am not saying Bothar is overpowered. And I do not say that he needs an adjustment at this moment. What I am saying is that he currently seems to be a very influential character in limited who is limiting my cardpool enormously. So many low many gears to build decks around that become unusable because Bothar enjoys sniping them for a mere 3 charges.

Not being able to add Circlets of Wisdom to fix my mana issues just because bothar is used in 30% of the matchups is just annoying.

Time will tell if this evens out. I hope so.


I kinda agree, I think his 5th charge should regain the 2 mana, but his fist ability to go to 4 charges, to allow gear decks to stay out a little longer.

If not for bother, mek would be ruling limited arena no doubt (due to opus of gadgetry).

While he is shutting down another character, he is not unbeatable like people think. When I play bother I notice 90% of my loss's are against spell decks like acornos or baha burn (other 105 is bad draws or enemy over powers me).

Either way, there will always be a strongest something in arena. Maybe some new cards will eventually come out (sometime next year so we can get some more campaign and tournament updates) which will threaten bothars place. But that's all I got to say on it really :P

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Bothars first ability has been discussed a while back. There was somewhat of a consensus reached where it was agreed that his 1st is simple on a too low cooldown and it shuts down all gear based decks, especially supporting gear like circlet and angel's feather.

Like I said before, I'm for increasing his first charge to 4 charges, and giving his 2nd charge, 1 mana and a card draw. The 1 mana gain is not restricted to an ancient draw, that way he always has a little boost to pump out his army since he is a creature based hero.

But this change should go hand in hand with opus change. I would rather see no gear decks than only a MEK deck hat has 2 banners by turn 4.